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Fortinet Named One of Only Two Leaders in 2022 IT/OT Security Platform Navigator™ Report

By William Noto | March 30, 2022

Fortinet is pleased to announce that we have been recognized as a "Leader" in the 2022 IT/OT Security Platform Navigator™ report from Westlands Advisory. The IT/OT vendor report highlights Fortinet's broad capabilities as a secure digital acceleration enabler.

Figure 1. IT/OT Security Platform Navigator 2022

The Westlands Advisory report also notes the extensive range of Fortinet products that address the wide variety of requirements driven by regional and vertical regulations and standards.

The Need for a Partner OT Organizations Can Rely On

In the past, isolating the OT network from the rest of the enterprise—known as air-gapping—was the primary approach for securing an Industrial Control System (ICS). Today, this air gap between IT and OT networks is disappearing as organizations digitize operational processes and converge OT with IT. While this has led to productivity, efficiency, responsiveness, and overall profitability gains, it has changed how OT networks must be managed and protected. And as OT networks are increasingly exposed, ransomware attacks against OT are unsurprisingly increasing. Over the last two years, OT and critical infrastructure targets have grown, including several high-profile attacks that seriously impacted customers and economies.

Westlands Advisory considered 103 technology vendors with an OT security proposition. After careful research, Fortinet emerged as one of only two companies designated as a leader. According to their report, “Customers looking for a transformation partner that will help them evolve and scale security for digital manufacturing and processes should consider Fortinet.”

Extensive Range of Products for OT Organizations

Fortinet has been protecting OT networks for over two decades, developing and delivering products, services, and tools designed to meet the operational and regulatory requirements of OT networks directly.

These OT-focused solutions are also fully integrated parts of the Fortinet Security Fabric platform, a fully integrated approach that includes centralized management and a unified context-aware security policy. And when combined with our rich ecosystem of leading solutions tailored to OT environments, asset owners can consistently deploy the Fortinet Security Fabric across their converging IT and OT networks. This unique approach allows them to gain complete visibility and granular control over their entire organization.

Westlands Advisory also singled out the breadth of Fortinet products, saying: 

“Fortinet has developed an extensive product range and is one of the widest available, offering customers near unrivaled choice in products and deployment type. This includes network protection through its highly acclaimed range of NGFW, switching products and software, including EDR and advanced threat protection services. Ruggedized versions of NGFWs and switches enable deployment in harsher operating environments, resulting in protection coverage in the Purdue model from level 1 to 5. Customers also have the choice of cloud-deployed NGFW, EDR, sandbox, and SIEM. The Fabric ecosystem enables Fortinet customers—both channel partners and asset owners—to integrate partner products and services, providing the flexibility to add, migrate, and switch services based on needs.”

Because of the unique challenges of OT systems and devices, many organizations seek solutions designed to span their IT and OT networks that can meet the operational needs of both sides of their organization. Westland Advisory points out that Fortinet solutions are designed “to address vertical market requirements that are driven by specific standards or regulation. The company also continues to invest in tools to monitor and manage automation and compliance. This includes greater integration between security controls deployed at Levels 1 & 2 with the enterprise SIEM to deliver improved OT situational awareness and context.”

OT Security Is a Strategic Priority at Fortinet

The report noted that Fortinet’s CEO has brought leadership attention to OT, “rallying all functions from product line, engineering, operations, marketing, and support” to focus on and prioritize OT.

Furthermore, the report notes that “Fortinet’s growth in industrial markets has been accompanied by investment in internal capabilities and additional services. The company has an extensive set of training programs to educate OT engineers and service partners on regulatory requirements and Fortinet products. This is supported by a global network of OT experts working with the sales channels and end users.”

Fortinet has invested in an integrated platform approach that uniquely enables OT organizations to seamlessly extend security beyond their on-premises systems, providing consistent protection for their distributed Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, field operations, cloud-based services, and mobile workers. Fortinet’s commitment to developing OT-enabled solutions and blending them into the Fortinet Security Fabric safeguards every point of connection between critical OT systems and the outside world, enabling organizations to compete effectively and securely in today’s global digital marketplace.

To learn more, review the Westlands Advisory 2022 IT/OT Security Navigator™ report to see why Fortinet has been named a Leader.

Learn how Fortinet secures the convergence of OT and IT. By designing security into complex infrastructure via the Fortinet Security Fabric, organizations have an efficient, non-disruptive way to ensure that the OT environment is protected and compliant. 

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