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Fortinet Joins AWS Public Sector Partner Program to Accelerate Cloud Security for Government and SLED Organizations

By Chad Whalen | November 29, 2016

With the breadth of sensitive data and highly regulated workloads that government and state and local education (SLED) institutions manage comes the critical need for a cybersecurity strategy that can adapt and scale with the data, from IoT to the cloud, while adhering to regulations and compliance requirements.

To meet these evolving public sector security needs, Fortinet today announced an expansion of its  relationship with AWS through its membership in the AWS Public Sector Partner program, launched today at the AWS re:Invent Conference. The program aims to help Amazon Partner Network (APN) partners build and accelerate their AWS public sector business and meet the unique requirements of these organizations.

The AWS Public Sector Partner Program recognizes partners who have a strong overall AWS practice and have demonstrated their experience and readiness to support government, education and non-profit customer missions around the globe. Fortinet has been delivering trusted, end-to-end security for mission critical workloads on AWS cloud environments that scale protection across organizations’ hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

Fortinet’s Security Fabric cloud solutions are available to AWS enterprise, service provider and public sector customers, providing comprehensive security, threat intelligence and visibility to detect, isolate and respond to threats in real time. Fortinet purposely built workload-driven cloud instances and auto-scaling templates with extensive and open APIs to help accelerate business for all public cloud customers.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is engineered for end-to-end flexibility, high availability and consistency across clouds to meet varying government and public sector security requirements. The FortiGate advanced firewalls and policies enable security for workloads in all categories of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) data. Additionally, Fortinet’s FortiGate Next-Gen Firewall virtualized instances, have been certificated by the DoD Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL).  Fortinet’s inclusion on the UC APL indicates that its solutions are officially sanctioned for DoD use, and also provides reassurance to our public sector customers that Fortinet has been successfully field-tested against one of the world’s most rigorous security protocols.

Fortinet virtual security solutions available to AWS public sector, enterprise and service provider customers include:

Fortinet solutions are also supported and deployed throughout the AWS Cloud Global Infrastructure, which operates 38 Availability Zones within 14 geographic regions around the world, further enhancing high availability capabilities for global customers while facilitating compliance and data residency requirements.

Today’s news further signals Fortinet’s ongoing commitment to deliver adaptive, scalable cloud security solutions to global public sector organizations. Our end-to-end Security Fabric architecture is designed to provide all types of organizations, from highly regulated government bodies to enterprise and service provider infrastructure, with integrated, adaptive cloud security solutions that accelerate business to and within the cloud.

Visit our Booth #1640 this week at Amazon re:Invent to learn firsthand how the Fortinet Security Fabric is securing cloud environments across the globe.