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Fortinet Brings True 5G Security to the 2019 Big 5G Event

By Fortinet | May 03, 2019

Service Providers, technology providers, and users alike not only expect 5G to transform their thousands of applications and processes already in place and enable a new wave of rich media, immersive applications, and real-time interactive services, but to also utterly transform mobile networks themselves.

With its 2019 Big 5G Event being held at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center on May 6th -8th, Light Reading is bringing together over 2,000 telecom professionals and technology users for an examination of 5G’s most pressing topics. And as a Gold Sponsor of this year’s event, Fortinet will be there to share our insights on the potential and impact of 5G, the challenges of securing 5G’s high-speed and hyperconnected edge networks, and to engage with those in attendance around how we are helping the industry make 5G a reality.

This year’s event will feature discussions on a broad set of network capabilities and building blocks, many of which are not only enhanced by security, but actually enabled due to the sensitive data and applications that will flow across these environments. Among these are SDN/NFV, advanced edge computing, 5G RAN, 5G core, and SD-WAN.

Fortinet Uniquely Provides Advanced 5G Capabilities

As noted in recent press announcements on Securing the Path to 5G and Enabling Security-Driven Networking, Fortinet is actively focused on delivering advanced capabilities that align with, support, and even anticipate the needs of our Service Provider customers as they continue down the path of transforming their networks, network services, and user experiences with the rollout of 5G technology.

With Fortinet’s broad participation at this year’s event, there will be a number of different opportunities for attendees to not only hear our views and see our advanced solutions designed to secure and enable 5G, but for you to also share your views and insights with us at the event. If you are attending the show we invite you to engage with the Fortinet team at the following venues.

  • Learn from a Fortinet Expert

Panel Discussion: The Truth about AI and Security

This panel will feature Keith Rayle, Fortinet AI Strategist, on Tuesday, May 7th from 4:45pm-5:30pm. This panel is part of the 5G Automation and Intelligence Track.

  • Discover New Fortinet Capabilities

NGCO Proof of Concept Demo – Hosted at QCT Booth 400B in the Exhibit Hall

Fortinet is presenting a demo in collaboration with Cloudify, Cumulus, Intel, QCT, RedHat and WWT, that will make real the concept of a Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) able to support the rapid, zero-touch deployment of enterprise services at remote sites. The demo will feature a Fortinet VNF supporting a firewall and SD-WAN Edge functionality. In addition to demonstrating the ability of Fortinet to function seamlessly in a complex ecosystem, the implementation also demonstrates our support for open infrastructure and utilizes Fortinet VNFs optimized for edge environments with high performance, small footprint, fast booting and very low storage requirements.

Fortinet Booth B108

Drop by Fortinet booth #B108 to speak with our on-site 5G security experts, learn more about how we can facilitate your transition to 5G, how our solutions are optimized for SDN/NFV environments, and how our Security-Driven Networking Vision enables your organization to deploy a single comprehensive, integrated, and adaptive security solution that spans your entire distributed network, from the cloud to your new 5G environments. We welcome the chance to share our ideas and solutions with you and to answer any questions you may have.

Discover Why Fortinet is Uniquely Able to Secure 5G

5G has the potential to start another global digital transformation, and many of the ways it will work have only begun to be imagined. But one thing we do know is that security needs to be an integral part of that transformation from the beginning, because cybercriminals are already planning on new ways to exploit this new attack surface.

But not any security will do. Legacy security solutions are simply not fast enough, agile enough, or expansive enough to adequately meet 5G requirements. Fortinet is literally at the forefront of security engineering, enabling us to provide the sort of broad, integrated, and ultra-high performance solutions for 5G that other vendors are years away from delivering. Let us show you why our commitment to innovation sets us apart, and how you can leverage those advances to make your 5G vision a reality.

Learn more about how Fortinet's 5G security solutions provide evolutionary, state-of-the-art security for multiple 3G, 4G, and 5G use cases.