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Fortinet at HIMSS 2018: Troy Roberts Discusses the Healthcare Security Landscape

By Susan Biddle | March 16, 2018

From March 5-9, 2018, 43,979 Health IT professionals convened in Las Vegas for the annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. The five-day event featured 300+ educational sessions and north of 1,300 vendors that were focused on uncovering the promise of health information and technology. Similar to previous years, a number of Fortinet employees and customers were present at the event to share the latest in healthcare cybersecurity.

During the event we had time to sit down with Troy Roberts, VP of Enhanced Technologies at Fortinet. We discussed where healthcare security is headed in 2018, and what organizations can do to ensure they are prepared to embrace their digital transformation with open arms and fewer concerns about vulnerabilities.

Roberts and others across the industry believe 2018 is going to be disruptive for digital transformation in Healthcare networks, with a greater focus being placed on security transformation. This is going to be driven by a number of challenges the healthcare industry is either facing or are expected to face, including compliance requirements and the adoption of IoT. With these challenges in mind, organizations will be looking for robust security solutions that leverage threat intelligence combined with Artificial Intelligence that allow them to adopt new devices needed for patient care while continuing to protect sensitive data. These solutions must be able to recognize, categorize, and classify IoT devices, apply the measure for security, and provide the proper resources to allow the devices to operate at full strength.

Watch the video below to learn more about the challenges that are facing the healthcare industry today, what the future holds, and how organizations can protect themselves from new and emerging threats using today’s advanced security solutions. 

Final Thoughts

Fortinet recently introduced FortiOS 6.0, which delivers more than 200 powerful and innovative new capabilities across the entire Security Fabric platform. These advances focus primarily on automated security operations and the ability to better protect against today’s expanding digital attack surface.

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