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Join Fortinet at AWS Summit Santa Clara 2019

By Fortinet | March 21, 2019

The recent rise in the popularity of public clouds can be attributed to their ability to provide an elastic and scalable infrastructure for applications, storage, and data. These capabilities increase operational efficiency and allow for dynamic cost optimization, which in turn simplify business processes within organizations.

Security is critical to the successful operation of these cloud environments. Even though cloud providers secure their public and internal infrastructures, organizations are required to protect the applications and data they put into the cloud with their own cybersecurity controls. In order to implement and maintain a strong security posture on the cloud, an organization's security solutions must be natively integrated into the cloud platform and work similarly to those supporting line-of-business applications on premise.  

AWS Summit Santa Clara will unite specialists and end users in the cloud technology industry to connect, collaborate, and learn more about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and advanced cloud computing. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the AWS platform at the event, as well as develop the skills necessary to design, deploy, and operate secure cloud infrastructures and applications.

Fortinet at AWS Summit Santa Clara

Fortinet is excited to attend AWS Summit Santa Clara to collaborate with the cloud computing community, hear from AWS leaders, and teach attendees about not only securing new or existing virtual private clouds (VPCs) using the Fortinet Security Fabric, but how to also seamlessly integrate that security with traditional networks and other cloud platforms in place or being considered. Join our team on March 27, 2019, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California as we explore cloud security as it relates to AWS.

Visitors to our booth (#537) will not only learn about the latest in cloud security, but they will have an opportunity to discover the wide range of Fortinet solutions for Amazon Web Services categorized into several solution categories:

  1. Secure connectivity to and across cloud resources
  2. Application and cloud network security for cloud infrastructures and applications
  3. Visibility and control of cloud resources and configurations:

We will also be providing attendees with live demonstrations of a range of Fortinet Security Fabric solutions that have been specifically optimized to ensure secure and confidential connectivity to cloud networks, as well as between different clouds; to segment and protect cloud-based applications, data, and resources to mitigate cloud related threats; and to effectively manage and automate both our full range of cloud security tools as well as the cloud infrastructure itself.

Fortinet Solutions to Secure AWS

The rapid deployment of new cloud applications and services on AWS require IT teams to quickly integrate security to keep pace with innovation. To help organizations keep up, Fortinet has designed its cloud security technologies based on three guiding principles::

  • Native integration of our security capabilities into the AWS and other cloud platforms
  • Consistent protection of applications across the broadest range of security products
  • Automated management of all security capabilities, even across multi-cloud environments

In addition, Fortinet has not only introduced new solutions and automation templates to its security offerings on the AWS Marketplace, but its advanced connectors make deploying and configuring security policies in AWS—as well as between AWS and other cloud platforms—seamless and consistent.

New AWS Security Offerings

Fortinet’s dynamic security solution for AWS delivers consistent, multi-layered security from on-, off-, and across clouds and datacenters to the AWS Security Hub. This seamless security management solution provides visibility across clouds and datacenters from AWS. Our newly expanded Security Hub offerings include:

By coupling AWS and Fortinet solutions, organizations can more confidently deploy any application on AWS with the assurance that it is being protected and monitored against malicious behavior.

Final Thoughts

Fortinet’s Security Fabric-enabled solutions empower organizations with the confidence and freedom to make application placement decisions and infrastructure choices based on what makes most sense to the business knowing that any security capability they need will be available to them whether they choose to deploy the application on premise, on AWS or anywhere else.

Join us at AWS Summit Santa Clara for more information on our solutions for AWS cloud:

What: AWS Summit Santa Clara: Booth #537
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California
When: March 27, 2019

Fortinet will also be attending AWS Summit events in Atlanta, Washington D.C., and New York in 2019.

Learn more about Fortinet's Security Fabric and AWS Cloud Solutions.