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Fortinet and AWS Offer New, Integrated Security Solutions

By Lior Cohen | November 28, 2018

Fortinet and AWS Offer New, Integrated Security Solutions


One of the most exciting parts of the annual AWS Re:Invent conference happening each holiday season is not just seeing how fast new services are being launched. It is also discovering how many new ways organizations are using these services to build next generation businesses that are able to leverage endless infrastructure and data in order to fuel their digital transformation and adapt to the dynamic nature of today’s business landscape.

Of course, as organizations build out more of their business in the cloud, the need to secure their new business applications and the hybrid infrastructure they run on not only becomes increasingly crucial, but also increasingly challenging. The reality is that today’s business strategies are built around perpetual change. While this allows organizations to quickly adapt to micro-shifts in the marketplace, it also means that business processes and fundamental application functionality are constantly being disrupted, which has direct business and security implications.

Beyond the technological challenge associated with building new application infrastructures in the cloud alongside the more traditional applications running on premise, organizational structures are evolving as well. Constant change has elevated IT to now be an integral part of the business planning and decision making process. One outcome of this is that as every line of business has a critical stake in IT, organizations are becoming less centralized in their approach to IT and technical skills are being split between different teams.

In spite of this, however, security posture must remain consistent. The best way to do this is through implementing a consistent set of security controls that are natively integrated into the cloud infrastructure, and that can be centrally managed and automated. This then becomes the baseline around which different teams can design their custom applications and environments. This enables security functionality to be natively integrated to the needs of the various teams and lines of business across and organization, allowing each to operate in a different mode while maintaining a consistent set of security capabilities throughout.

Until recently, this has been very difficult for organizations to achieve. Which is why Fortinet has been working closely with AWS over the last year to address this challenge. As a result, Fortinet is now announcing new products and deeper integration with AWS products and services that address the needs of both the central Network Security and DevSecOps departments, as well as the more business aligned DevOps teams that support the lifecycle management of business-critical cloud native applications.

New Fortinet AWS offerings

As a result of Fortinet’s adaptable business frameworks and technologies supporting AWS customers, organizations can now enjoy the following benefits:

Supported Cloud Security integration—AWS customers can now work with their consulting partners to design and integrate best-of-breed Fortinet security solutions for their cloud applications, knowing that their consulting partners are a native part of the cloud software supply chain, enabling them to make the best decision for the customer, rather than being limited to a handful of approved applications and services.

Management and Automation—new Quick Start Guide templates, FortiCASB Configuration Assessments, and WAF Rulesets for AWS API Gateway enable more streamlined and automated rollout of security services that are less prone to human error.

Broad Protection—FortiGate, FortiWeb, FortiMail, and FortiSandbox, as well as native cloud service integrations with AWS Security Hub, AWS Transit Gateway, AWS API Gateway, and AWS Container Marketplace offerings, provide unique multi-layer security protection at the API level, the VM level, and the container level for applications running in AWS.

Native Integration—integration into cloud APIs and services, including container-based security and Quick Start Guide templates, as well as new AutoScaling templates for the AWS Transit Gateway, provides DevSecOps and DevOps teams with new security automation capabilities, enabling the common automation of security into different application environments.

Fortinet integration into new AWS offerings

Fortinet has also made a number of announcements this week as part of the AWS Re:Invent Conference as part of AWS’s recently announced launch of new services, where Fortinet was named as launch partner. A few examples include:

1.     AWS Security Hub–this is a new service offering security event discovery and aggregation, which enables publishing new security events and subscribing to event feeds. A few of the AWS Security intelligence services (Guard Duty, Macie, Inspector) will feed into the AWS Security Hub. Fortinet solutions subscribe to the various Security Hub events and dynamically integrate them into the Fortinet Security Rating dashboard, offering customers the most comprehensive hybrid cloud security posture management solution available.

2.     AWS Container Marketplace – Fortinet now offers a containerized version of FortiWeb for the ECS service as a marketplace listing.

3.     AWS WAF for API Gateway—Fortinet is launching a WAF Partner ruleset for protecting API Gateways. Essentially, the AWS WAF is being powered by Fortinet intelligence to secure the use of an API gateway

4.     AWS Transit Gateway—this VPN solution will simplify the connectivity between VPCs, as well as enable significantly greater scalability. The Fortinet Cloud Security Services Hub solution fully supports this new service and resulting architectures.

5.     AWS Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO)—Fortinet was named one of the first eight ISVs to take part in this cloud channel program, providing Fortinet customers with the support of channel resellers that are financially motivated to support both BYOL and PAYG consumption.

6.     Fortinet is also launching a new Quick Start Guide that will enable customers to easily attach FortiGate NGFW instances to their existing AWS infrastructure with minimal operational overhead, enabling significantly more rapid security deployment.


The acceleration of dynamic business models as part of digital transformation continues to be one of the biggest challenges organizations are facing today. Rather than constantly trying to adapt security to constantly evolving business applications and environments, organizations need a fully integrated security foundation that automatically adapt to changes as they occur. By extending the flexibility and integration of Fortinet solutions into the AWS platform, and not only supporting but being an active participant in native AWS functionality, Fortinet enables todays organizations to deploy and maintain consistency between cloud and on-premise security policies.

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