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Fortinet Again Recognized as Leader in Gartner’s 2018 UTM MQ Report

By David Finger | September 25, 2018

This week, Gartner published its 2018 Unified Threat Management (UTM) Quadrant covering the “multi-function network security products used by small or midsize businesses (SMBs).” Fortinet was proud to announce that we’ve named a leader for the ninth time and have attained the highest position with regards to our ability to execute. 

This is a tribute not only to the vision, but also the expertise of our two founders—Ken and Michael Xie—as well as the supporting teams they have built over the years that have propelled Fortinet to the leaders position we enjoy today.

As many who have started companies know, it’s one thing to have a concept and bring it to life (an accomplishment in and of itself), but it’s yet another to build that concept into a company that has shipped more than 4 million units and is on pace to reach $2 billion in annual billings. Yet that’s just what Fortinet has done, and one of the key factors behind our success is our commitment to innovation. This point was highlighted just a couple of weeks ago when we announced that Fortinet has now been awarded more than 500 patents. This commitment to innovation spans a wide range of areas—including a number of recent patents directly relevant to UTM.

The company was founded in 2000 based on an early recognition that network security would require more than the port and protocol-based permit/deny function of the traditional firewall, combined with the foresight that deeper, content-oriented inspection would require hardware and software acceleration that did not exist at the time, and for which Fortinet has subsequently received numerous patents. That insight plus innovation approach applies to many of the other critical advances required by UTM solutions.

For unified threat management, reporting and log retention are perfect for the cloud, but frequent user interface updates are also an advantage. And in fact, two of the areas for which Fortinet has received patents are, indeed, cloud-based logging and cloud-based security policy configuration.  

·       U.S. Patent Number 9,853,944, officially awarded in December of 2017, (in short) governs the seamless exchange of and access to logs between an on-premises network device and cloud-based logging system such that the end user experience is similar to locally stored and available log data for the purposes of visualization, search, reporting, and more.

·       US Patent Number 9,825,992, officially awarded in November of 2017, (in short) enables the automated replication of security configurations from a cloud-based management system to multiple on-premise devices for true plug and play deployment without any local IT provisioning or management.  

These are just two examples of how Fortinet continues to innovate in the area of networking and network security to make securing the small business as easy as possible. And there have been many more patents issued in just the last year related to protecting the business (including around IoT security and the sandboxing of endpoints) and continuing to advance ease of use (through automation and AI). 

Because of our commitment to forward-looking innovation, businesses of all sizes can continue to rely on Fortinet for top-rated protection from easy-to-manage solutions that also offer industry best performance for the price. Our track record of consistently being positioned ahead of the market, combined with the most awarded engineering team in the security industry, is more important than ever today, as we enter the third generation of network security. That is the Fortinet vision, years in the making. It is here today. And it will be there to protect you and your organization long into the future.

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