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FortiMail Receives High Marks in ICSA Labs Testing

By David Lorti | February 24, 2022

Fortinet FortiMail received high marks in the latest testing performed by independent testing firm ICSA Labs (owned by Verizon). Fortinet is committed to testing products with independent testers as a way to validate the value we deliver to customers while fueling further improvements by our development and engineering teams.

Figure 1: Fortinet FortiMail receives ICSA Labs ATD-Email Certification rating of 99.8% effectiveness in blocking

Greater Transparency on the Efficacy of Security Solutions Helps IT and Security Pros Make Better Decisions

In our industry, the threat landscape is always intensifying and the volume of threats increasing. This puts tremendous pressure on IT and security professionals to scale up to handle more with the resources they have, as well as be continually rethinking what aspects of their security infrastructure are working well against the increasing sophistication of what is coming across the wire and into mailboxes.

As an example, we know through various data points including analysis from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, that ransomware attacks have increased as much as ten-fold in the last 18 months. This is a staggering development and one that should trigger IT and security pros to reevaluate their security postures. Given that as much as one-third or more of ransomware attacks are email-based, this means organizations should take a fresh and hard look at their current email security practices.

Third-party independent testing firms help organizations better understand which solutions in the marketplace are more effective versus others. They expend significant time and money in devising testing regimes to evaluate vendor solutions and help expedite the evaluation process.

Commitment to Independent Testing

Fortinet believes strongly in testing our solutions through independent testing labs and making the results available. We believe this helps our customers in knowing the outcomes they can expect from our products and solutions. In fact, when it comes to testing of email security solutions, Fortinet tests our FortiMail solution with three different third-party vendors: ICSA Labs, SE Labs and Virus Bulletin.

Figure 2. Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Test Report

FortiMail Receives High Marks

To this end, Fortinet FortiMail received ICSA Labs’ Advanced Threat Defense or ATD-Email certification for detecting 99.8% of malicious threats in testing. Meanwhile, FortiMail had an extremely low false positive rate of .25%, or just 2 emails out of nearly 800 analyzed.

This report is further validation of FortiMail’s high efficacy in protecting organizations around the world against the full spectrum of email-based threats including ransomware. We believe it’s why FortiMail continues to experience adoption as organizations look for trusted vendor solutions that deliver on what they promise.

The graphic below outlines what Fortinet FortiMail addresses:

Figure 3. Fortinet FortiMail Comprehensive Protections

Learn more about the results in the full report

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