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FortiCloud Now Manages FortiGate UTM Appliances

By Peter Newton | August 01, 2017

We are proud to announce that full cloud-based management will be available on August 14th for our FortiGate UTM products through the FortiCloud services.  We have seen impressive growth in the adoption of our FortiCloud solution over the past several years that has validated the value of a cloud management model for Fortinet customers.  FortiCloud started 10 years ago as a cloud-based solution for log storage and analytics.  Over the years, we’ve improved those analytics and added the ability to mass deploy devices (FortiDeploy), independently manage wireless access points, discover zero day threats (FortiCloud Sandbox), and apply big data analysis to identify infections (Indicators of Compromise). The result is a powerful platform that allows customers to add, scale, and remove features and capabilities as their needs change. 

Over 280,000 security devices are now supported through FortiCloud management from data centers located in Europe, North America and Asia.  And now, with the new management capabilities that have just been added to this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, customers will be able to deploy, manage and service the Fortinet Secure Fabric architecture from the cornerstone of their network security foundation, the FortiGate UTM appliance.  By adding management of FortiGate UTM appliances to FortiCloud, customers can now manage their entire threat surface from the cloud. 

These new FortiCloud capabilities are ideal for helping Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) manage and secure their expanding networks. SMB companies are the leading market for UTM appliances and this new, easy to use, and efficient management method for FortiGate appliances aligns with their needs. Cloud management offers flexibility, low cost of entry, and scalability. The FortiCloud service also provides an intuitive interface to keep the learning curve short for users. 

This solution is also ideal for Managed Service Providers who need to support and manage the security solutions deployed across multiple customers or tenants. With the power of the cloud, MSP IT administrators can now access their customers’ Fortinet-based networks from any browser on any device, from anywhere, and at any time. This means they can do things like configure new sandboxing capabilities without having to visit their customer’s site. Fortinet switches and wireless access points can also be remotely configured, troubleshot, or upgraded efficiently and effectively through the cloud. And by using our MultiTenancy capabilities, MSPs can monitor all their customers through a single pane of glass, knowing that if they need to further optimize a customer’s network, it is simply a few clicks away, not an hour’s drive.

As you can see, there is a lot to be excited about this. But this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for additional announcements about the growing capabilities and features available on the FortiCloud platform. We are committed to continued investment in our SaaS solutions and in keeping Fortinet UTM appliance the most popular SMB security solution in world. Read the full news release from today here.