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FortiCast: The New Podcast about Fortinet Technology

By Victoria Martin | November 22, 2016

Do you need more Fortinet in your life? Of course you do. And now there's a new way to get it:

Welcome to FortiCast, a monthly podcast that will examine Fortinet's broad product and solutions portfolio, from IoT to the cloud. Each episode will feature a discussion from Fortinet experts on industry trends and what's new on the radar. Episodes are 15-20 minutes long and a new one will arrive near the beginning of every month – with additional episodes occasionally appearing mid-month if we have something special to talk about.

FortiCast launched at the end of October, and there are a few episodes available right now.

The first is a brief introduction to FortiCast and what you can expect to hear in future episodes. It also includes a preview of episode 2:

In episode 2, Fortinet Product Managers Ben Wilson and Koroush Saraf discuss Wave 2 Wireless technology. Wave 2, also called 802.11ac, is changing how wireless technology works, providing more bandwidth and flexibility for WiFi connections.

In episode 3, Product Manager Michael Strickland and Corporate Systems Engineer Sean Groarke discuss the third-generation FortiASIC SOC3 System-on-a-Chip architecture. SOC3 accelerates the FortiGate 60E series security appliances to further speed its already best-in-class throughput with consolidated security and networking capabilities.

Future episodes will examine a wide range of topics, from FortiCloud and FortiMail, to new developments for FortiSwitch, as well as many others.

You can listen to FortiCast on iTunes or the podcast app of your choice. It is also available for viewing on both SoundCloud and YouTube. Detailed notes from each show, including where you can learn more about the topic being discussed, along with our FortiCast archive, can be found at And finally, if you have any questions about FortiCast, or have suggestions for future topics, please send us an email at

We are excited about this new podcast series, and look forward to seeing you there every month!