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Don’t Take It from Us – FortiGate Enterprise Network Firewall Customer Reviews

By Trish Borrmann | July 12, 2017

Last year, Gartner launched a new website and service called Peer Insights. Its goal is to provide organizations looking at adopting new technologies or solutions with access to the collective knowledge and experience of IT professionals that have already evaluated and adopted similar technology. Their posted reviews offer detailed perspectives and firsthand experience with a wide range of solutions for every phase of the IT lifecycle - from evaluation and implementation to service and support.

In the Enterprise Firewall category, for example, Fortinet currently has had 290 5-Star reviews posted from active customers as of June 21, 2017. Fortinet customers have enthusiastically provided over 490 total reviews – which is nearly double the 286 reviews for the next ten enterprise firewall vendors combined, and more than four times the reviews of the nearest competitor.

Gartner Peer Insights provides verified and unbiased software ratings and reviews from your enterprise IT peers. These impactful insights from real IT decision makers enable IT professionals to cut through marketing hype to make better-informed decisions about the technology their organizations require.

What Fortinet Customers are Saying

Below is a small sample of the comments that have been posted by enthusiastic Fortinet customers. They describe their experiences with implementing and using our security technologies, as well as working with Fortinet engineers and support teams.

Implementation was easy, very modular approach to delivering an enterprise firewall

— IT Manager in the Manufacturing Industry

“The web interface is very intuitive, therefore reducing learning curve in comparison to other firewall manufacturers. The feature set is very modular, this way you can grow into the product by enabling features that hit critical pain points. Then later enhance the capability by subscribing to the enhanced features that meet requirements and/or enable the business. The Fortinet Enterprise Firewall is a full UTM which is only limited to the horsepower incorporated within the appliance that is purchased. So right sizing the appliance base on some core factors is important, yet pretty easy using basic metrics. The Fortinet companion products further enhance the capability by leveraging LDAP/RADIUS. Fortinet has also rounded out the suite of products to provide a single pain of glass approach for monitoring, managing, and reporting. This allows the administration to focus on critical tasks without being distracted therefore reducing time to identify and repair.”

Simplifying Our IT Landscape With Fortinet

— IT Director in the Energy and Utilities Industry

“We had to refresh our existing security infrastructure (Watchguard) and sent an RFP to many suppliers. We selected FortiGate due to the most "bang for the buck" and the fact they met all of our requirements and more. We are a mid-size enterprise company with about 70 sites, small IT team, and smaller budget! I am always looking for ways to simplify our IT landscape so our team can do more to drive the business (not stuck maintaining and troubleshooting). Fortinet offered this by combining firewalls/switches/Wi-Fi and managing them under the centralized FortiManager. The synergies gained and simplification of support when combining these elements made for a quick win with FortiGate. Our Helpdesk can now do most of the rudimentary troubleshooting within minutes and resolve most issues. There is a reason why they are in the leader quadrant - great company and very responsive!”

Get The Best Possible Technology Implemented In Minutes.

— Dy. General Manager - IT in the Services Industry

“Fortinet is a true Technology driven organization. It has brought the revolution in Gateway security system to the Enterprises and SMBs who had only dreamed to have all type of protection before they brought the FortiGate box in the market. The FortiOS (which is a variant of AT&T Bell lab's nix based OS) is such a strong and rugged security OS has not seen a single memory dump or page fault in last 11 years. They have changed the way of lookout to stateful firewalling and interpreted in such a GUI based operation that a person who has only idea of security can implement a FortiGate in minutes. And in reverse it can be implemented in such a complex scenario where it is handling millions of customer and virtual environment. Thanks to the technical team behind. To my observation FortiGate has no parallel as on today.”

Datacenter Firewall / Office Firewall And Remote Access Solution

— Engineering Manager Networks in the Services Industry

“(1) The performance of the boxes for the price is great; (2.) Price for performance and feature set is even better; (3.) Pay the box and use what the box can deliver (instead of buying licenses for each feature, MBit or CPU); (4.) Support via Fortinet is quick easy and helpful and solved all problems occurred during implementation (for FortiGate cases; FortiClient issues took longer to be resolved - but also the rollout to 2k users worked finally and is extended to all users now); (5.) The upgrade procedure is very easy; (6.) Product is very stable - no major incident even though the boxes are in every traffic flow; (7.) Support handling is straightforward”

Easy to use and intuitive GUI

— Director Service Delivery Management in the Communications Industry

“Easy to use system, works well.”

High performance / reasonable cost firewalls

— Director IT Infrastructure in the Education Industry

“Excellent performance and pre-sales engineering support.”

So many tools in one box!

— Director of Technical Resources in the Education Industry

“Very easy product to implement. User-friendly! Support very knowledgeable.”

Easy implementation and immediate value add

— Team Lead, Networks in the Manufacturing Industry

“Stable and high throughput.”

Easy Implementation, good support during the integration project

— Security Engineer/Team Leader in the Services Industry

“Very good overall experience with Fortinet: professional support, stable products, easy implementation, very helpful local SE team.”

Implementation and usability with a user-friendly UI makes it easy to deploy and manage.

— DGM Service Operations in the Services Industry

“With the Fortinet Advanced Elite service and Technical Account manager the support that we have received from Fortinet is phenomenal.”

Plan it well, Configure it, Implement and forget

— DGM and HOD - IT in the Services Industry

“Fortinet is a true Technology driven organization and with a fantastic range of FortiGate devices. They initially brought the revolution in Gateway security system bundled in UTM box for Enterprises and SMBs. The FortiOS is a strong and rugged security OS and has been performing satisfactorily for the last 11 years without a single major fault. Implementation has been so easier with the GUI interface. With the strong technical team behind it has a long way to go.”

Smooth Sailing with Fortinet!

— Enterprise Account Manager in the Education Industry

“Sales cycle, installation, utilization and even service call needs went very well. Excellent Experience! Thanks to Fortinet!”

Complete and impressive solution

— Director - Information Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

“Fortinet has been very good to work with, has a complete solution in this space, and is relatively simple to implement and manage--especially given the potential complexity of an integrated enterprise security and wireless architecture.”

Robust Firewall

— AVP - IT in the Manufacturing Industry

“We are using FortiGate firewalls. The firewall is very good and suitable as per our requirement. Their service and support is also good. We are quite satisfied with the product.”

Protecting perimeter security

— Assistant Manager - Network & IT Security in the Finance Industry

“It was perfect product for our company. And it was easy to configure and manage the overall configuration. Easy to troubleshoot and understand the new features.”

Excellent Product With Ease-Of-Use Dashboards And Interfaces Made Administration A Breeze

— IT Manager in the Healthcare Industry

“Overall Comment: To date, Fortinet and their partners are able to provide timely support and resolutions to the issues encountered and faced by my organization since the implementation in 2015. I can see regular improvements and enhancements being made available to the solution that we have purchased, and this is really all that we need.”

We are proud of the positive responses provided by Fortinet customers attesting to their satisfaction with their Fortinet solutions and the Fortinet team members they have worked with. We invite any organization looking to adopt or deploy new security solutions to take a moment to look at the reviews provided by their IT peers. Insights gleaned from first hand experience can go a long way towards shortening the review cycle, and enable you to select and deploy solutions with a high degree of confidence.

Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

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