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Come to Vegas in February for Accelerate 2018!

By Mike Morgan | December 20, 2017

We have just announced our annual Fortinet Accelerate global partner and user conference, taking place on February 26 – March 1, 2018 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. This year we are expecting more than 2,000 customers, partners, industry leaders, and technical experts to come together to share industry trends and discuss the latest advances in technologies and strategies.

This year’s Accelerate 2018 event includes:

  • Premier cybersecurity and threat trends education and labs, including Network Security Experts (NSE) training on the latest Fortinet products and solutions.
  • More than 60 breakout sessions on critical cybersecurity topics, including multi-cloud security, Internet of Things (IoT) trends and issues, the evolution of OT and its impact on protecting critical resources, deploying and securing SD-WAN, changes in the threat landscape, and much more – all in an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas.
  • An expanded TechExpo Hall. Leading industry sponsors, technology and services partners, and Fortinet experts will be showcasing their technology with hands-on demos and more.
  • Extensive networking opportunities, including evening events and a closing party featuring the supergroup Ezra Ray Hart, which includes Kevin Griffin of Better than Ezra, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, and Emerson Hart of Tonic.

See the Future of the Internet

Ken Xie, Fortinet’s founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, is enthusiastic about our expanded Accelerate conference, which now includes Fortinet customers and users. Ken explained that, “Accelerate 18 will be Fortinet’s largest partner and user conference to date, as we bring together thousands of customers and partners from around the globe to learn, collaborate and network.”

Collaboration with customers and partners is an integral part of our commitment to meaningful technology development. Ken went on to say, “At Fortinet we believe that the only way to achieve industry-leading impact is to innovate by strength in numbers through an environment that fosters partnership around ideas, technology, and vision to effectively secure networks today and into the future.”

Ken will also be speaking about securing the future of the Internet and the need to develop what he calls innate security. Today’s interconnected and highly distributed network environments, being driven by digital transformation, require a new generation of security innovation that is built in rather than bolted on. These include:

  • New firewall platforms that are able to dynamically adapt their personas and services to wherever they are placed in the network
  • Purpose-built solutions that easily integrate together to more effectively protect endpoints, applications, and data
  • The automatic sharing of threat intelligence to collaboratively respond to attacks and extend visibility across the distributed network
  • Advanced solutions designed for effectively identifying, managing, and securing the universe of “things” that are now part of your extended infrastructure
  • Seamless visibility and control of data and applications in private, public, hybrid and even multi-cloud environments

Other keynotes:

Other keynotes will focus on shifting cybersecurity concerns around Operational Technology (OT), especially for critical infrastructures. Public cloud security concerns, physical security, next generation security and the security fabric, public cloud, and advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning by both cybercriminals and security professionals.

These addresses will help organizations see and respond to zero-day threats much faster, as well as sense intrusions and bad behavior as they are happening. They will also serve to increase our levels of threat intelligence, automate the detection and remediation of intrusions, and provide us with a single pane-of-glass for transparent security visibility and controls.

Event sessions

The volume and sophistication of malware threats today requires an intelligent and integrated defense. This year’s more than 60 breakout sessions and labs will provide attendees with access to the latest research, insight, and technologies across a wide variety of security trends and technologies.

Interactive sessions will cover a broad range of cybersecurity topics, including securing the multi-cloud, SD-WAN, getting smart about cybersecurity with AI and machine learning, GDPR, service provider network transformation, and much more. Technical training as part of the NSE Program will also be available, and for those attendees who want deeper technical training, a series of pre-conference workshops, as well as NSE technical training covering NSE 4 – 7, are being offered by our top rated training teams for an additional fee.

Much of this content will include the latest research coming out of FortiGuard Labs. Our multilayer approach to security analysis includes deep machine learning capabilities built around our state of the art Self Evolving Detection System (SEDS) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN). This system provides unique insights and a real-time strategic view into the threat landscape.


Plan to walk away from this year’s conference with a deeper understanding of the security challenges that lie before us, the technologies and best practices from both Fortinet and our ecosystem of partners that can be relied on to mitigate current and new risks, and a rich set of information that will help you make more informed decisions and better protect your environment. There will also be plenty of time to network with industry peers and experts at on-site meals and evening events.

You can find more details about Accelerate 18, along with registration and early bird discounts, on our new Accelerate web page.

Come share your ideas, discuss the future of cybersecurity, and learn from the best in industry, at #Accelerate18. Register now: