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How CETPA 2019 Can Benefit Educators and IT Professionals Alike

By Fortinet | November 01, 2019

The introduction of technology into the classroom has facilitated new methods of teaching and led to advancements in curriculum, providing benefits to both teachers and students. Technology enables schools to offer highly personalized courses to students, optimize teachers by increasing efficiency, while simultaneously reducing costs. However, the addition of technology to the classroom also puts schools at an increased risk of a cyberattack that could compromise the personal data of students and staff. As a result is crucial that schools emphasize security when implementing new forms of technology.

With that in mind, Fortinet is proud to be participating in the 2019 CETPA Annual Conference to add essential security tools and insights for educators and IT professionals as they gain the knowledge and skills they need to get the most out of their IT solutions.

Here’s a look at what attendees can expect at this year’s conference:

2019 CETPA Annual Conference

The 2019 CETPA Annual Conference will be held from November 12th–15th at the Anaheim Convention Center.

This event provides educators and IT professionals with the unique opportunity to discover how new technologies can be used to promote and expand learning in the classroom, as well as discuss how schools can maximize their use of technology.

Fortinet is a proud sponsor of the 2019 CETPA Annual Conference. We encourage attendees to visit our team at booth 721 where they can learn how Fortinet solutions can be used to create secure learning environments.

Fortinet Sessions at 2019 CETPA

To assist attendees beginning to plan their schedules for the upcoming event, here is a snapshot of the events and talks that Fortinet will be hosting during the conference.

Demonstrations of Fortinet Solutions

The Fortinet team will be conducting a series of demonstrations at our booth, including:

Our Fortinet team is also available to talk about E-rate eligible solutions.

Protecting Student Networks Through Network Access Control

Wednesday, November 13th, 08:00 AM – 08:45 AM in Elite 2

Join us for this interactive session where the Chico Unified School District will discuss the impact that NAC technology has had on their district, and how it has shaped their plans for future expansion. This session will focus on how Fortinet’s advanced Network Access Control technology ensures device security across a network, improving efficiency, flexibility, and optimization within an organization.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to speak with a subject matter expert who can expand upon the benefits of FortiNAC technology, as well as answer any questions they may have.

The Current State of Cybersecurity in School and Cutting-Edge Ways We’ll Keep Students Safe

Wednesday, November 13th, 08:00 AM – 08:45 AM in OC Ballroom 4

While the implementation of technology into schools has been beneficial for both students and teachers, it has also put their personal information at an increased risk of being captured by cyber criminals. With that in mind, a key component to effectively implementing technology is ensuring that personally identifiable information (PII) is secure across networks.

In this session, we will discuss our comprehensive approach to education-based cybersecurity, touching on topics such as security awareness training and behavioral analytics. Additionally, we will explore how cutting edge technologies such as AI and intent-based segmentation work together to protect networks, students, and their data.

The Data You Leave Behind – Anatomy of a Hack

Wednesday, November 13th, 03:00 PM – 03:45 PM in Elite 2

While social media is a useful tool for students looking to connect with friends, it also poses a significant cybersecurity risk that many students may not be aware of. In this session, we will examine case studies specific to K-12 audiences that showcase examples of breaches that originated in social media environments.

The goal of this discussion is to educate teachers about the anatomy of these hacks so that they can be better equipped and prepared to protect their district.

Vendor Showdowns

Returning this year are vendor showdowns, which give attendees the opportunity to conduct real-time comparisons between different cybersecurity solutions. This year, Fortinet will be showcasing a variety of solutions, giving attendees the opportunity to gain a better understanding of exactly how each solution will keep them secure, as well as how they can adopt a solution to meet their district’s needs.

Security Information & Event Management Showdown

Wednesday, November 13th, 8:00 am - 9:45 am

This session gives attendees the opportunity to get a first-hand look at FortiSIEM, Fortinet's powerful security information, and event management tool. Alongside other vendors, attendees will receive an in-depth look at FortiSIEM’s visibility, correlation, and automated response capabilities. Guests will also be able to ask questions of Fortinet on-site engineers to gain further insight into the product.

Video Security Systems Showdown

Wednesday, November 13th, 3:00 pm - 4:45 pm

This session will give CETPA attendees a comprehensive look at Fortinet’s network-based video security solutions. The Fortinet team will be showcasing FortiCamera and FortiRecorder alongside other vendor representatives.

After a hands-on product demo, attendees will be able to talk with the Fortinet team and discuss how these solutions can benefit their schools, as well as gain clarification on any questions they may have.

Final Thoughts

As schools continue to adapt to the ongoing impact of global digital transformation, it’s important that security remains a top priority as they implement new forms of technology. Ensuring that a district has the proper security infrastructure in place goes a long way toward protecting the data of both teachers and students. We look forward to facilitating a meaningful dialogue between IT, educational, and security professionals at CETPA 2019 as organizations look to enhance network security across their schools and school districts. 

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