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Enabling Breach Prevention with the FortiGuard Security Rating Service

By Jeannette Jarvis | May 22, 2019

Staying secure in today’s evolving threat landscape while minimizing risk requires organizations to have a comprehensive understanding of their networks. With an awareness of how to effectively defend against cyberattacks in place, security teams can act quickly when a cyber event occurs and implement changes that will enhance their network security strategy and enable breach prevention. The FortiGuard Security Rating Service enables this level of protection and insight by providing up-to-date risk data in the context of business needs, while also ensuring that organizations are meeting compliance regulations. By having this critical information, at their fingertips, organizations can ensure they are meeting those standards required to prevent breaches and other severe threats.

Strengthen Breach Prevention Efforts

According to a study conducted by IBM Security and Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in 2018 was $3.86 million, a 6.4% increase over the year prior. Additionally, Fortinet’s Q4 2018 Threat Landscape Report called out several noteworthy threat detections from the end of last year, including 8,309 unique exploits, 1,218 exploits per firm, and 15 zero day vulnerabilities uncovered by the FortiGuard Labs team. All this goes to show that the challenge to protect your organization continues to escalate. And as cybercriminals grow more sophisticated and successful in their attack methods, the more difficult it is for organizations to practice effective breach prevention.

The prevalence of these risks not only requires businesses to review their own security posture, but to do so in comparison with those of other organizations, especially in the same region or industry—as well as how well they meet accepted standards—before taking additional steps to face these emerging security issues head on. With the FortiGuard Security Rating Service, organizations have access to critical information that can be employed to rate and rank their security efforts and then prioritize patch management, enhance system operations, and modify configurations. The benefits of this service are critical when it comes to breach prevention as they ensure that security teams are fully aware of what is transpiring across their networks, and how well their security efforts measure up, which in turn allows for anomalies to be more easily detected and addressed.   

Overall, the FortiGuard Security Rating Service helps organizations manage potential risks even at the earliest stages of an attack by addressing three main security concerns:

  1. Network configuration
  2. Criticality of security investments
  3. Demonstration of compliance

Being able to answer questions surrounding these three factors is necessary, not only because they provide insight into how various teams across the organization should move forward in securing the business, but they also help security leaders articulate essential security strategies and requirements to the executive team. Then, once pertinent next steps are laid out, CISOs and their teams should continue to utilize the offerings of this service to track improvements and adjust strategies to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape through insights and recommendations that address both security and business needs. 

Enable Advanced Threat Protection

As organizations consider their current security posture, and the changes required to meet evolving requirements, it is necessary to also evaluate new—as well as existing—solutions to determine if they can actually help them secure their network against advances in cyber threats, or secure the digital transformations required to meet new business objectives.

To address this challenge, in addition to its Security Rating Service, Fortinet also offers a range of products which have been specifically designed to address the security requirements of the evolving network. FortiOS 6.2, which is the latest version of Fortinet’s security operating system, has over 300 new capabilities designed to help organizations embrace digital transformation without compromising security or impacting network performance. With this in mind, FortiOS 6.2 works in conjunction with the FortiGuard Security Rating Service by enabling security teams to determine vulnerabilities and manage them before a breach occurs, enhance protection and visibility, and facilitate breach prevention efforts.

This updated system also employs AI-driven threat intelligence supplied by FortiGuard Labs in order to more quickly and accurately detect potential breaches, even in the case of a staff shortage. This technology also works alongside other solutions built into the Fortinet Security Fabric to take comprehensive and automated action against these threats to not only keep organizations and their networks protected, but also to provide insight into ways to prevent future attacks.

Final Thoughts

Managing cyber threats not only requires organizations to adopt new security strategies, but to also view their current security posture in relation to other organizations and standards before making any of those necessary changes. The FortiGuard Security Rating Service helps security teams reach this understanding by providing actionable information that can enhance breach prevention. By implementing services designed to provide updates on network security and cyber threat development, and then deploying security tools that have been integrated with that data, as well as other security devices, to effectively respond to or even anticipate threats, organizations can keep pace with the evolving attack surface, implement effective cybersecurity strategies, and adopt best practices optimized for their unique challenges.


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