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Improve Digital Experience with Advanced SD-WAN Monitoring from Fortinet

By Jane Wasson | February 06, 2023

Business success today depends on application uptime and digital experience. With digital transformation, applications may no longer run in environments and over networks that IT operations teams control. Operations teams must ensure application uptime and digital experience, whether applications are SaaS-based, hosted in the cloud, or in a data center. 

Digital experience can be affected by many variables, including the performance of end-user devices, Wi-Fi, LANs, WAN, ISPs, cloud service providers, infrastructure, applications, and more. Early insight into performance degradation of any variable in the chain can be the difference between addressing an issue before the business is impacted or suffering the loss of employee productivity, customer satisfaction, or revenue. 

End-to-End Performance Monitoring

Granular visibility that provides insight into full-stack network and application-layer performance can quickly pinpoint the nature of a technical issue. It can also supply incident data to be used to engage the responsible party to take ownership and proactively address an issue. It is critical for operations teams to resolve issues quickly and minimize business impact. 

FortiMonitor is a Fortinet holistic SaaS-based digital experience and network performance monitoring solution. It helps operations teams address monitoring challenges and consolidates monitoring and incident management. 

FortiMonitor Integration with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

This month, we released new FortiMonitor functionality that combines digital experience monitoring (DEM) and FortiOS SD-WAN monitoring capabilities to help organizations:

  • Gain better end-to-end visibility of application performance over SD-WAN deployments
  • Efficiently pinpoint the root cause of performance issues and respond to incidents
  • Better meet end-to-end application performance objectives

Granular Network and Application-Layer Visibility

Proactive insight into performance degradation enables a response before the business is impacted. FortiMonitor augments and complements Fortinet Secure SD-WAN monitoring with per-application synthetic monitoring over SD-WAN underlays. In addition to monitoring SD-WAN link level metrics such as jitter, packet loss, latency, and bandwidth, FortiMonitor can execute continuous, application-specific, and synthetic tests over all available SD-WAN links.

FortiMonitor synthetic checks simulate a connection to an application and provide real-time metrics for key network and application-layer performance indicators. So, in addition to the SD-WAN monitoring metrics like jitter, packet loss, and latency, FortiMonitor adds visibility to DNS lookup time, TCP connection time (NTT), TLS handshake time (if applicable) time to first byte (SRT), critical to distinguishing server response issues, and total transfer time.

These additional metrics provide greater visibility to user experience overall available SD-WAN underlays, including visibility to network and application-layer performance, so operations teams can get early insight into performance degradation and proactively address issues before the business is impacted.

Example of FortiMonitor's synthetic checks to provide real-time monitoring metrics

Actionable Insights

It’s vital to businesses that their operations teams efficiently pinpoint the root causes of issues and respond appropriately. In addition to helping operations teams proactively identify performance degradation and system problems, FortiMonitor combined network and application-layer performance visibility also helps them quickly capture the incident data necessary to demonstrate the nature of an issue to the responsible party.

Application performance problems can result from issues related to the network, the internet, a cloud service provider, the application, or the underlying infrastructure an application is running on. Operations teams may not be in control of the source of the issue. FortiMonitor synthetic checks provide application-layer performance metrics that when correlated with network metrics will help teams more quickly diagnose issues. For example, server response time can be compared to network latency to determine the cause of poor application performance.

FortiMonitor Advanced SD-WAN Monitoring Eliminates Blind Spots

FortiMonitor eliminates blind spots by providing end-to-end performance monitoring capabilities from multiple vantage points from a single platform. With its capabilities of providing network and application-layer monitoring over SD-WAN links, FortiMonitor enables IT teams to:

  • Proactively identify performance degradation
  • More efficiently troubleshoot issues
  • Reduce resolution times
  • Better meet application SLAs

FortiMonitor enables IT teams to efficiently observe, correlate data, and respond to issues whether network, service provider, device, or application-based in any cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment.

Learn more about how FortiMonitor enables end-to-end visibility into the overall user experience.