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Preparing for the Cy-Phy Future

We are entering the era of Cy-Phy — the convergence of cyber space with a plethora of devices and data in our physical spaces. Organizations need to start preparing today by developing security strategies designed around the principles of speed, integration, adaptability, and automation.

By FortinetApril 18, 2019

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The Security Vendor’s Role in Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The cybersecurity skills gap has become a much bigger issue than simply filling open job positions. It has become an enterprise risk and a top priority for security operations. As cybersecurity vendors, our role and responsibility in closing the cybersecurity skills gap goes well beyond providing training on products and solutions and entails becoming trusted advisors for our customers and for society as a whole.

By Rob RashotteApril 10, 2019

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Simplifying Operations with Single-Pane Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Multi-vendor tools for securing your enterprise introduces complexity of operations. Simplifying these network and security operations with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer leveraging Single-Pane Orchestration, Automation, and Response helps reduce that operational complexity.

By Satish Veerapuneni April 09, 2019

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360 Protection: Provides The Most Comprehensive Protection With Advanced Support

This complete protection service helps organizations of all sizes manage complexity in their networks while delivering full protection across the entire attack surface.

By Satish VeerapuneniApril 09, 2019

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Leveraging Deception for Breach Protection

In a world where the odds are heavily tipped in favor of your cyber adversaries, FortiDeceptor levels the playing field by automating the creation of dynamic decoys that are dispersed throughout the IT environment. Because attackers are unable to determine which assets are fake and which are real, their time advantage is reduced or eliminated altogether.

By Damien LimApril 09, 2019

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New SD-WAN ASIC Changes the Playing Field

Organizations need a true SD-WAN solution designed to meet all of the demands of the new Wan Edge. The FortiGate 100F combines best-of-breed SD-WAN and security capabilities, powered by a purpose-built ASIC, to deliver a full SD-WAN solution designed for today’s WAN Edge.

By Nirav ShahApril 09, 2019

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Fortinet Raises the Bar for Cloud Security. Again.

Fortinet’s comprehensive strategy of the native integration of our portfolio of products and services into the cloud platforms, offering the broadest set of protections available, and enabling single pane of glass management and security operations offer customers the confidence they need to expand cloud operations while deploying any application on any cloud without concerns of risk, availability, or performance.

By Lior CohenApril 09, 2019

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Fortinet’s New SD-WAN Capabilities Help Achieve Maximum Application Performance

Many SD-WAN solutions struggle to provide the full range of speed, interconnectivity, flexibility, and security that today’s branch offices truly require. Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN technology, augmented by the recent release of FortiOS 6.2 and the new SD-WAN ASIC, is the first solution to not only meet, but exceed all of the requirements and expectations of the next-generation branch.

By Nirav ShahApril 09, 2019

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Fortinet Announces Six New Fabric Extensions in FortiOS 6.2

Fortinet has announced a number of fabric extensions in the recent release of FortiOS 6.2. The Fortinet Security Fabric delivers the most comprehensive suite of security offerings in the industry—available in a variety of form factors and running natively across the widest range of platforms.

By Vince HwangApril 09, 2019

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Securing The Distributed Enterprise Requires an Open Security Ecosystem

A security architecture built around a framework of open standards not only ensures interoperability, but also increases performance.

By John MaddisonApril 09, 2019