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FortiCASB Extends Support of New Cloud Applications to Further Provide Adaptive Cloud Security

To help organizations better secure this growing attack surface, Fortinet's Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution, FortiCASB, will now provide protection for additional applications and platforms. Learn more.

By Maristelle Bagis Hosaka May 17, 2021

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Join Fortinet at RSA 2021

Join Fortinet at RSA Conference 2021 virtually to learn about the latest security innovations addressing the challenges facing organizations in the era of digital transformation.

By Fortinet May 13, 2021

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FortiDeceptor: Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges in OT

Organizations are facing an increasing challenge with securing OT environments. Learn how with the latest release of FortiDeceptor, organizations can employ deception to deceive, expose and eliminate threats across both IT and OT environments.

By Damien Lim May 04, 2021

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Taking Control During Incident Response with FortiSOAR 7.0

Daily SOC challenges-including the volume of alerts, extensive manual processes, and staffing shortages-make it difficult for SOC teams to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. Learn how FortiSOAR 7.0 enables an adaptive, swift, and coordinated response to cyberthreats.

By Max Zeumer May 03, 2021

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Introducing FortiExtender 511F: Secure 5G Wireless WAN Connectivity for SD-WAN and SASE

Fortinet’s new FortiExtender 511F enables users to leverage the power of Fortinet’s enterprise-grade security across every edge to harness the benefits of 5G with wireless WAN connectivity for SD-WAN and SASE. Learn more.

By Thomas Nuth April 29, 2021

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Building a Secure 5G Ecosystem with the Fortinet Security Fabric

Powered by the convergence of 5G and industry 4.0, the smart enterprise of the future is now here. Learn how the extension of the Fortinet Security Fabric with the new FortiGate 7121F delivers end-to-end security for 5G ecosystems.

By Muhammad Abid and Ronen Shpirer April 29, 2021

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Fortinet NSE Training Institute Wins Four Industry Awards

The NSE Training Institute was recently recognized with four new industry awards that highlight Fortinet’s commitment to cybersecurity training and certification. Learn more.

By Rob Rashotte April 22, 2021

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Fortinet Training Advancement Agenda (TAA) Improves Cyber Awareness Globally

Through Fortinet’s Training Advancement Agenda (TAA) and NSE Training Institute programs, Fortinet continues to work toward closing the skills gap with training and certifications, career opportunities and key partnerships. Learn more.

By Sandra Wheatley April 22, 2021

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MITRE Engenuity Evaluation Results Showcase Fortinet FortiEDR’s Prevention and Detection Capabilities

In the latest ATT&CK Evaluation results from MITRE engenuity, FortiEDR demonstrated the ability to block 100% of the Protection tests. Learn more about FortiEDR’s results.

By David Finger April 20, 2021

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The Value of Independent Testing to Assess Your Cybersecurity Posture

Organizations continue to maintain and enhance their cybersecurity defense. Learn how the value of independent testing helps to assess your cybersecurity posture.

By David Finger April 20, 2021