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Three Options for Managing Secure Wireless Access

When searching for a wireless access infrastructure solution, network leaders should look for the following key attributes.

By Chris HinszJune 22, 2018

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Resolving the Challenges of IT-OT Convergence

Success in the new digital economy requires developing integrated networks that are able to seamlessly leverage all available resources, even those ICS/SCADA systems deep inside OT networks.

By John MaddisonJune 21, 2018

Threat Research

How to Protect Your Privacy on The Web

Privacy-minded consumers can combine general strategies with cost effective privacy-oriented tools to achieve the goal of protecting their privacy and identity.

By Minh TranJune 20, 2018


Training to Combat Modern Cyber Threats at the NSE EMEA Xperts Academy

Fortinet’s NSE Xperts Academy offers our certified partners a hands-on security experience, giving them the resources needed to provide consistent value to their customers using Fortinet products.

By Anne BourgeoisJune 20, 2018

Threat Research

Thrip ATP Attack Update

In conjunction with the Cyber Threat Alliance, Symantec today released their blog post on an APT (advanced persistent threat) group codenamed "Thrip.” As part of our membership with the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), we have received these indicators ahead of publication to ensure that FortiGuard customers are protected from this latest disclosure.

By FortiGuard SE TeamJune 19, 2018

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Together, Fortinet and AWS Secure the Government

Fortinet’s Security Fabric cloud solutions are available to AWS enterprise, service provider, and public sector customers, providing comprehensive security, threat intelligence, and visibility to detect, isolate, and respond to threats in real time.

By FortinetJune 19, 2018


Going Beyond Compliance

Organizations that go beyond compliance to offer robust data-security controls provide greater value to consumers and build their level of trust, resulting in a distinct competitive edge.

By Jon BoveJune 19, 2018

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Cybersecurity in the Digital Business Transformation Era

Even as digital technology is transforming business, government, and society, it also transforms how we think of and practice cybersecurity. There are five key implications for cybersecurity in the digital transformation era.

By Peerapong JongviboolJune 18, 2018

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Defending Against an Automated Attack Chain: Are You Ready?

Threats like AutoSploit bring malware-as-a-service to a whole new level. Here are four ways to be prepared.

By Derek MankyJune 18, 2018

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AI Doesn’t Eliminate Jobs, It Creates Them

Automation and AI are not eliminating jobs, they are creating them — high-paying, high-level and secure ones at that — at an unprecedented rate. As the levels of data continue to grow, that will create even greater demand.

By Michael XieJune 15, 2018