Business and Technology

FortiNDR: Adding AI-Powered Network Detection and Response to Your Security Fabric

Fortinet is announcing the availability of FortiNDR, a robust network detection and response (NDR) addition to the Fortinet Security Fabric. FortiNDR provides purpose-built machine learning, deep learning, pragmatic analytics, and advanced AI. Read more.

By David Finger May 24, 2022

Threat Research

New Nokoyawa Variant Catching Up to Peers with Blatant Code Reuse

FortiGuard Labs discovered a new variant of the Nokoyawa ransomware and observed that it has been evolving by reusing code from publicly available sources. Read our blog to learn more about the behavior and new features which maximize the number of files that can be encrypted.

By Joie Salvio and Roy Tay May 23, 2022

Threat Research

Spoofed Saudi Purchase Order Drops GuLoader: Part 1

FortiGuard Labs recently discovered a social engineering email lure with a message delivered to a company in Ukraine. In part I of our blog, we will analyze the phishing email and provide an analysis of the embedded malware which contains an executable for GuLoader.

By James Slaughter May 23, 2022

Industry Trends

Addressing Cybersecurity and Climate Change for a Sustainable Society

Climate change and cybersecurity are two major sustainability issues that could be addressed in similar ways. Read to learn more about how addressing one necessarily impacts the other.

By Barbara Maigret May 22, 2022

Industry Trends

2022 Cloud Security Report

Fortinet partnered with Cybersecurity Insiders to create The 2022 Cloud Security Report. Read to find out how organizations are using the cloud and what security challenges they are facing.

By Frederick Harris May 19, 2022