Customer Stories

Secure SD-WAN Improves Network Protection in Fuel Distribution System

A petroleum distribution business developed innovative ideas for increasing customer loyalty, but it needed to upgrade its technology infrastructure to bring those concepts to life. Learn how Secure SD-WAN improves network protection in a fuel distribution system.

By Rick Peters October 25, 2021

Industry Trends

Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Partnerships: An Opportunity to Work Together

FortiGuard Labs mission is to provide Fortinet customers with the industry’s best threat intelligence to protect them from malicious activity and sophisticated cyberattacks. Learn how Fortinet is creating partnerships to combat cyber threat intelligence.

By Derek Manky October 25, 2021

Industry Trends

Addressing the Need for a New Security Platform

A security platform approach is necessary to weave all critical security functionality into a unified solution protecting the entire network. Learn more.

By John Maddison October 22, 2021

Threat Research

Recent Attack Uses Vulnerability on Confluence Server

FortiGuard Labs analyzes attack payloads leveraging the Atlassian Confluence Server vulnerability, deep dives into the attack and provides IOCs to help determine if a network was affected by CVE-2021-26084. Read more.

By Cara Lin October 21, 2021

Business and Technology

Fight Fire with Fire: Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies for Today’s Leaders

With today’s expanding attack surface and growing cyber skills gap, cybersecurity leaders need actionable best practices from seasoned peers more than ever. Learn more about the book: "Fight Fire with Fire: Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies for Today’s Leaders."

By Renee Tarun October 19, 2021