Six Steps to Help Your Customers Roll Out a Secure Remote Access Strategy

Learn more about how partners can help their customers implement a secure remote access strategy that scales to ensure business continuity.

By Jon BoveApril 03, 2020

Threat Research

Preparing for the Surge in Attacks Targeting Remote Workers

The FortiGuard Labs team has been monitoring a significant spike in attacks targeting remote workers. Learn more about these cyber threats and how organizations can protect against them.

Industry Trends

Steps for Adopting a Proactive Approach to Data Breaches

Read about some important steps to remain proactive and to secure against possible data breaches.

By FortinetApril 02, 2020

Threat Research

Latest Global COVID-19/Coronavirus Spearphishing Campaign Drops Infostealer

FortiGuard Labs recently discovered a new COVID-19/Coronavirus-themed spearphishing scam. Learn more.

By Val Saengphaibul April 02, 2020

Threat Research

New Agent Tesla Variant Spreading by Phishing

Read this threat analysis from FortiGuard Labs to learn more about a new version of Agent Tesla. It examines how this variant spreads in the victim’s system, what data it steals from the victim’s device, as well as how it submits that stolen data back to its command and control server.

Threat Research

Offense and Defense – A Tale of Two Sides: Bypass UAC

Read the latest installment of the blog series, "Offense and Defense - A Tale of Two Sides," for an analysis of the Bypass User Account Control (UAC) attack technique.

By Anthony GiandomenicoApril 01, 2020

Industry Trends

The Need for Security Automation to Ensure Business Continuity

Discover how security teams can ensure business continuity by maximizing automation in their security strategy, significantly increasing their chances of detecting a breach or malicious activities quickly and effectively.

By Renee TarunMarch 31, 2020

Business and Technology

Fortinet Continues to Address the Skills Gap with Additional Free Cybersecurity Training

Building on our commitment to raising cybersecurity awareness and closing the cybersecurity skills gap, Fortinet has added a new (free) training course, FortiGate Essentials, to the Network Security Expert (NSE) Institute training and certification program.

By Rob RashotteMarch 30, 2020

Industry Trends

Tackling Additional Security Concerns for Remote Workers

Discover how Fortinet’s Teleworker Solutions secure your remote workforce and extended network by covering the three primary areas of concern for a teleworker environment: endpoint protection, access control, and cloud access. 

By Peter NewtonMarch 30, 2020

Industry Trends

Maintaining Business Continuity Amid Changing Workplace Operations

Discover how CSOs and business leaders can help keep the business moving during times of unprecedented change to ensure security and productivity.

By FortinetMarch 27, 2020