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Join Fortinet at AWS Summit Santa Clara 2019

Join Fortinet and the cloud computing industry at the AWS Summit Santa Clara 2019 to discover Fortinet’s security solutions for Amazon Web Services, VPCs, and more. Learn more about this event.

By FortinetMarch 21, 2019

Industry Trends

Bolstering Endpoint Security

Connected endpoint devices need to be seen and treated as part of your WAN rather than as something separate, and securing them requires tying them together with your full range of different security solutions.

By John MaddisonMarch 19, 2019

Industry Trends

5G Implications for Security

Fabric-enabled security platforms not only provide the comprehensive visibility, protection, detection and automated response 5G networks require, they also enable organizations to weave their 5G security strategy back into their larger security framework.

By John MaddisonMarch 18, 2019

Business and Technology

TLS 1.3: What This Means For You

TLS 1.3 was released last summer, and it has some important ramifications for securing your critical data.

By Alex Samonte March 15, 2019

Industry Trends

Addressing Known and Unknown Operational Technology Threats

There is a convergence of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, known as cyber-physical systems. And it is transforming the technology systems that support things we don’t usually see, like manufacturing, transportation, energy production and distribution, water and waste management, and city and building automation.

By Rick PetersMarch 14, 2019


The Need for Threat Intelligence in SMB Cybersecurity

For some time now, SMBs have assumed cybercriminals won’t consider them a viable target due to their size. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. SMBs still provide plenty of incentive to entice cybercriminals to target their networks, thanks to the unique security challenges they face.

By Jon BoveMarch 13, 2019

Industry Trends

Taking a Look at Security Trends at RSAC 2019

As always, there is literally too much information to consume. But with some simple analysis, we can break down some of the bigger security trends unveiled at this year’s RSA event and help separate the hype from the solutions that can actually help.

By Jonathan Nguyen-DuyMarch 12, 2019

Industry Trends

Multi-cloud Complicates Security

Securing multiple clouds can be very complex. What’s needed is an integrated approach that is dynamic and flexible, and able to keep pace with cloud workloads and applications as they expand.

By Lior CohenMarch 11, 2019

Threat Research

Analysis of the New Modules that Emotet Spreads

Just a few days ago, FortiGuard Labs published a research blog about a fresh variant of Emotet. When I wrote that blog, I had not yet detected any further malicious actions from its C&C server. However, I have continued to monitor its connections, and I finally received three new modules from its C&C server.

By Xiaopeng ZhangMarch 11, 2019

Business and Technology

Fortinet Recognized as Best Security Company at 2019 SC Magazine Awards

Fortinet won the Excellence Award for Best Security Company and the Trust Award for Best UTM Security Solution at the 2019 SC Awards held in San Francisco during RSAC 2019.

By FortinetMarch 11, 2019