Industry Trends

Strategies and Use Cases for Private Cloud Security

For an effective hybrid cloud strategy, organizations need to understand the use cases for private cloud security. Learn more.

By Vince Hwang June 23, 2021

Industry Trends

Enabling Self-Healing SD-WAN from the WAN Edge to the Cloud Edge

The need for SD-WAN to enable a self-healing network – one that automatically fixes issues before they are widely realized – from the WAN edge to the cloud edge has now become a key requirement for organizations. Learn more.

By Nirav Shah June 22, 2021

Industry Trends

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud in the Era of Work from Anywhere

Fortinet’s Field CISOs explore the impact of hybrid and multi-cloud and discuss the need for adaptive cloud security solutions that can seamlessly integrate with on-prem solutions to enable a holistic platform approach to cybersecurity.

Industry Trends

Retail Cybersecurity in an Evolving Threat Landscape

To mitigate risk and protect brand reputation, retail cybersecurity in an evolving threat landscape is more important than ever. Learn more.

By Courtney Radke June 17, 2021

Industry Trends

Highlighting the Value of an Integrated Security Platform

Learn what partners should consider as they help their customers adopt an integrated security platform that addresses the fragmentation of traditional edges.

By Jon Bove June 16, 2021