Industry Trends

Prioritizing Concerns Around WAN Security Issues

Learn how organizations can select a SD-WAN solution that mitigates the risks associated with WAN security to ensure high performance and secure connectivity.

By Nirav Shah August 10, 2020

Threat Research

Latest COVID-19 Variants from the Ridiculous to the Malicious

To keep devices free from malware, and critical information out of the hands of criminals, we must still use effective cyber health practices. Learn how FortiGuard Labs walks through examples of attacks seen related to COVID-19.

By Val Saengphaibul August 10, 2020

Industry Trends

SASE is All About Delivering Security Everywhere

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is an emerging enterprise strategy that incorporates multiple solutions to enable secure remote access to on-premises, cloud-based, and online resources. Learn more.

By John Maddison August 07, 2020

Business and Technology

Ushering the Era of Hyperscale Security – The New FortiGate 4400F

Today Fortinet announced the first hyperscale firewall, the FortiGate 4400F, capable of securing hyperscale data centers and 5G networks. Learn more.

By Muhammad Abid August 06, 2020

Business and Technology

Secure SD-WAN Addresses Manufacturing and Services Organization's Security Challenges

Discover how this multinational manufacturing and services organization secures its entire infrastructure and ensures continued connectivity with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN.

By Nirav Shah August 06, 2020

Industry Trends

Securing the 5G-Enabled Future

Fortinet’s Ronen Shpirer and Alain Sanchez discuss some of the security requirements of the 5G future. Learn more about securing 5G.

By Ronen Shpirer and Alain Sanchez August 05, 2020

Industry Trends

Keeping Up With the Performance Demands of Encrypted Web Traffic

The total percentage of encrypted web traffic is up in recent years. Learn more about how this could be a hidden opportunity for cybercriminals and how to keep up with the demands of encrypted traffic.

By Nirav Shah August 04, 2020

Industry Trends

Selecting a Secure SD-WAN Solution That Addresses All Key Requirements

Organizations are turning to SD-WAN solutions to ensure fast, scalable, and flexible connectivity across the corporate network. Learn how organizations can enable digital innovation with the right Secure SD-WAN solution.

By Nirav Shah August 03, 2020

Threat Research

Tutorial of ARM Stack Overflow Exploit against SETUID Root Program

FortiGuard labs presents another technique on how to exploit a classic buffer overflow vulnerability against a SETUID root program when ASLR is enabled. Learn more on how to use data from a local file, instead of stdin, to cause a stack overflow.

By Kai Lu July 31, 2020

Threat Research

Offense and Defense – A Tale of Two Sides: Group Policy and Logon Scripts

Learn about the 4th installment in this blog series, focusing on different tactics and techniques malicious actors use to complete their cyber missions—and how organizations can detect and ultimately prevent them.

By Anthony Giandomenico July 31, 2020