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Not all Secure SD-WAN Solutions are Created Equal

New NSS Labs research explains why having security built into an SD-WAN solution is the right approach for successful WAN Edge deployments. Learn more about the importance of security-driven networking and Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN solution.

By Nirav ShahMay 16, 2019

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Key Considerations for a Secure Cloud Migration

Addressing the challenges of cloud migration requires careful preparation. To establish a consistent security framework, organizations should consider these six steps as part of their migration strategy.

By FortinetMay 15, 2019

Threat Research

How to Cost-Effectively Dynamically Analyze UEFI Malware

With the growing popularity of UEFI systems adversaries are starting to focus on exploiting this new attack surface. There is a pressing need for security researchers to be able to handle this threat. In this blog post, we examine how.

By Minh TranMay 14, 2019

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Fortinet Operational Technology Security Trends Report

To increase efficiencies in places like manufacturing floors, energy production and delivery, or interconnected transportation systems, operational technology (OT) environments are being connected to the outside world. Find out how this presents new threats to OT organizations.

By James CabeMay 13, 2019

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The Problem with Too Many Security Options

In today’s meshed and increasingly perimeterless networks, security teams need to be able to identify everything connected to their ecosystem—which is a challenge with too many security solutions that do not work together.

By John MaddisonMay 09, 2019

Threat Research

New Spam Attack Targets Romanian Corporation

The FortiGuard SE team has discovered an ongoing malicious spam campaign over the past few weeks. It uses a combination of a variant of the Fareit/Pony downloader together with the Formbook infostealer malware. Read this analysis report of the spam campaign.

By FortiGuard SE TeamMay 08, 2019

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Addressing the Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Challenge

Learn more about how Fortinet is committed to collaborating with global leaders from private and public sectors to respond to the global cyber skills gap and cybersecurity threats.

By FortinetMay 07, 2019

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Fortinet Hosts Second Annual Federal Partner Forum

Fortinet is hosting its second annual Federal Partner Forum. Learn about the key themes Fortinet leaders will be discussing with our federal partner community.

By FortinetMay 07, 2019

Industry Trends

SD-WAN Delivers Digital Transformation to Your Next-Gen Branch

The digital transformation of business needs to occur without a disproportionate expansion of the digital attack surface. This can only happen if we see our network and security systems as a single, holistic solution like SD-WAN.

By Nirav ShahMay 06, 2019

Industry Trends

Examining Three Key Threat Landscape Trends

When conducting threat analysis, understanding relevant trends is key to predicting what cybercriminals will do next. Learn more about top trends affecting the threat landscape.

By Anthony GiandomenicoMay 03, 2019