Customer Stories

Fortinet SD-Branch Satisfies Snack Manufacturer’s Appetite for Secure, Efficient Networking

Fortinet Secure SD-Branch enables this snack manufacturer to deliver high performance and improved operational efficiencies, all with security features baked in. Read more.

By Joe Robertson May 05, 2021

Business and Technology

FortiDeceptor: Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges in OT

Organizations are facing an increasing challenge with securing OT environments. Learn how with the latest release of FortiDeceptor, organizations can employ deception to deceive, expose and eliminate threats across both IT and OT environments.

By Damien Lim May 04, 2021

Business and Technology

Taking Control During Incident Response with FortiSOAR 7.0

Daily SOC challenges-including the volume of alerts, extensive manual processes, and staffing shortages-make it difficult for SOC teams to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. Learn how FortiSOAR 7.0 enables an adaptive, swift, and coordinated response to cyberthreats.

By Max Zeumer May 03, 2021

Threat Research

Spearphishing Attack Uses COVID-21 Lure to Target Ukrainian Government

FortiGuard Labs discovered another COVID spearphishing attack designed to compel unsuspecting victims to click on what appears at first as a innocuous link. Learn more.

By Fred Gutierrez and Val Saengphaibul May 03, 2021

Industry Trends

Protecting Against Evolving Ransomware Attack Trends

As cybercriminals continuously evolve their ransomware attack trends, organizations need to create proactive plans to combat these cyber threats. Learn more.

By Derek Manky May 02, 2021