Industry Trends

Secure SD-WAN Has an Important Role to Play in Financial Services

Learn how Secure SD-WAN can help financial services organizations provide secure, robust, and cost-effective connectivity to their branch offices.

By Renee Tarun April 15, 2021


Extend Value to Customers with Integrated XDR Solutions

Learn how partners can leverage extended detection and response (XDR) solutions to maximize the value of their current technologies while improving customers’ security postures.

By Jon Bove April 15, 2021

Industry Trends

The Need for Adaptive Cloud Security to Protect All Environments

An adaptive cloud security strategy follows applications and data. Learn how as organizations increase their cloud maturity and expand their networks, there is a need for solutions that can grow and adapt with business requirements.

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy April 14, 2021

Industry Trends

An Integrated Active Defense Strategy - Deception

Learn how deception can be part of an integrated active defense strategy to level the field against cyber adversaries.

By Moshe Ben Simon April 13, 2021

Threat Research

Deep Analysis: New FormBook Variant Delivered in Phishing Campaign – Part I

FortiGuard Labs captured a phishing campaign that was sending a Microsoft PowerPoint document as an email attachment to spread the new variant of the FormBook malware. Learn more.

By Xiaopeng Zhang April 12, 2021