Industry Trends

Ensure Best User Experience With Self-Healing SD-WAN

With the right Secure SD-WAN solution in place, network and operations leaders have the range of WAN capabilities they need to ensure applications are available and functioning without human intervention. Learn more.

By Nirav Shah September 24, 2020

Business and Technology

School District Secures Distance Learning for 18,000+ Students With FortiEDR

This educational organization found themselves a target of cybercriminals exploiting the recent pandemic through social engineering attacks. Explore how this organization leveraged FortiEDR to secure endpoints during distance learning.

By Renee Tarun September 23, 2020

Industry Trends

Vote-by-Mail Election Security Falls in the Hands of Local Government

Explore how local governments can ensure election security as the rise in vote-by-mail presents new challenges.

By Jim Richberg September 22, 2020

Industry Trends

Taking Time to Build Confidence in Automated Security

Automated security offerings have grown in both commonality and necessity. Explore how CISOs can build confidence in automated security systems by using a well-constructed ANN and a good balance of SIEM and SOAR.

By Fortinet September 21, 2020

Industry Trends

Think Outside the Box When Managing a Remote Workforce

When managing a remote workforce long-term, organizations must implement key strategies to protect both their employees and their corporate network. Find out more.

By Peter Newton September 18, 2020