4 Tips for Creating Stronger Passwords

What constitutes a strong password? Read our blog for four simple tips for creating stronger passwords and better cyber hygiene.

By Jonas Walker October 03, 2022

Industry Trends

Fortinet Issues More than 1 Million NSE Certifications, Addressing the Need for Cybersecurity Upskilling

The Fortinet Training Institute is tackling the skills gap on multiple fronts, including technical training to upskill and expand the knowledge and skills of security professionals. Read to learn more.

By Rob Rashotte October 03, 2022

Threat Research

Microsoft Exchange 0-Day Vulnerability Updates

FortiGuard Labs is aware of reports that an unpatched Microsoft Exchange Remote Command Execution (RCE) vulnerability is being exploited in the wild. Learn what organizations need to know about these vulnerabilities.

By James Slaughter September 30, 2022

Threat Research

Ransomware Roundup: Bisamware and Chile Locker

The latest FortiGuard Labs Threat Signal Ransomware Roundup covers Bisamware and Chile Locker ransomware, along with protection recommendations. Read more.

By Shunichi Imano and James Slaughter September 29, 2022

Business and Technology

Fortinet’s Progress on Sustainable Product Innovation

Fortinet recently spoke with Michael Xie, Co-founder and CTO at Fortinet and Barbara Maigret, Fortinet’s Global Head of Sustainability and CSR, to talk about the efforts Fortinet is making from product environmental impacts. Read to learn more.

By Fortinet September 29, 2022