Intelligent WAN Link Load Balancing


  • Increased Internet and site-to-site bandwidth
  • Improved reliability and availability
  • Reduced bandwidth costs
  • Available in hardware and virtual form factors
Data Sheet
FortiWAN Solution Guide

FortiWAN Solution Guide

By implementing an advanced WAN link load balancer such as FortiWAN, enterprises can enjoy cost-effective bandwidth and link redundancy to create hybrid WANs.

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FortiWAN Data Sheet

FortiWAN Data Sheet

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Increase Network Performance and Keep Costs Down

FortiWAN intelligently balances Internet and intranet traffic across multiple WAN connections to lower bandwidth costs and keep users connected. It offers easy-to-use multi-WAN management and a flexible policy-based performance management system.

FortiWAN provides high-performance connectivity with:

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Increased Internet access performance with broadband or leased line aggregation

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Optimized traffic distribution and automatic failover for business continuity

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Outbound and inbound link load balancing across up to 50 links

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Quick addition or removal of bandwidth with inbound access load balancing


FortiWan Product Demo

The FortiWAN family of WAN Link Load Balancers are edge devices deployed on the boundary between enterprise LANs and the Internet. They aggregate multiple WAN links to deliver more bandwidth and higher reliability to enterprise users accessing Internet applications. FortiWAN can also create high-bandwidth, reliable, Virtual Private Links from branch to datacenter using patented techniques to "packet-bond" inter-site traffic. 

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