Wi-Fi Applications


  • Combines Wi-Fi locationing and analytics to understand presence and behavior
  • Includes analytics, reports, and customer influence engine (for retail)
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Wi-Fi Applications

Knowing where people are, where they’ve been, and how they’re moving around a location can be of key importance.  FortiPresence provides location analytics information in an easy-to-use and deploy web-based solution.

This information is particularly important to traditional retailers who are at a disadvantage compared to online retailers. Online shoppers are tracked so the website owner knows what they are interested in, and can deliver targeted marketing. In traditional retail locations, they only know someone was there if they bought something, and they don’t know what else they looked at.

With FortiPresence, retailers in physical stores can use a unique combination of statistical analytics and a sophisticated customer engagement engine, including social Wi-Fi, to influence buying decisions, increase purchase sizes, and attract new customers.    

FortiPresence includes:

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Presence and Positioning Analytics: real-time location trends, total visitors, time spent, and heat maps with animated flows

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Engagement Engine: Tie into marketing campaigns and integrate with CRM systems

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User Demographics/Engagement Tools: social Wi-Fi, conversion and bounce rates, visitor demographic info

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Cloud-based Service: no hardware to purchase or manage means quick and easy deployment




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