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Life in a Blackhat World: Security Truth vs. Hollywood
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 11:00am to 11:45am

Join our FortiGuard Labs Senior Security Strategist as we recap the “best” hacking movies from Hollywood, and how real-life hackers have influenced threat protection needs and the overall threat landscape.
  • The Evolution of Hacking – "Where we were then, and where we are now"
  • FortiLabs Overview – Who are the Fortinet Labs Team of Experts and Research
  • The Current...
Advanced Security Attacks - They Require Advanced Threat Protection
Friday, March 20, 2015 - 9:00am to 9:45am

In this webcast we will see how FortiSandBox FSA for short excels in discovering and eventually protecting your environment from Advance Persistent Threat or APT. FSA is a comprehensive sandbox solution allowing you to protect against multiple attack vectors in a single appliance. Where most sandbox vendors require a separate appliance for
  • Sniffing traffic...
Protection Against the Three Vectors of a Healthcare Cyberattack
Monday, March 23, 2015 - 9:00am to 9:45am

The healthcare industry is undergoing a significant transformation in care provision. Increasingly, treatment is collaborative in nature thus relying on a distributed ecosystem to collect, transfer, and analyze vast amounts of clinical data. Unfortunately, the evolving nature of a digital health environment has also led to an unprecedented level of cyber-attacks. In order to...

Recorded Webinars

The Profitable MSSP Series –Sandbox-as-a-Service for MSSPs
This webinar will outline methods of deploying Fortinet Sandbox solution as a hardware inclusive service and creating a compelling offering that will help build value in your portfolio and lead to high margin revenue.
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Advanced Attacks Require Advanced Threat Protection
Sophisticated attacks yielded big rewards in 2014 and the threat landscape shows no sings of slowing down. Sandboxing is the latest rage for enterprise security but advanced threat protection requires more than just adding a standalone sandbox. Learn more about optimizing the effectiveness of a sandbox and how it can fit into an advanced threat protection framework to fuel a continuous cycle of improved protection against advanced attacks.
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Protecting Your Network from the Inside Out
Join this webinar to learn how an Internal Network Firewall can provide the necessary inside-out network protection you need to protect your critical data against advanced threats.
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How to Connect and Secure your Retail Store
Watch this video to learn how Fortinet’s Connect and Secure solution allows distributed retailers to secure the retail store and analyze customer behavior to compete more effectively in the marketplace.
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Top 5 Challenges, Beyond APTs, to Securing Industrial Control Systems
This discussion will explore 5 industry-specific use cases that reflect these challenges, as well as explain how to overcome them for increased security and reliability.
On Demand
Break the Kill Chain – Protecting Against the Known and the Unknown
2014 was a banner year for high profile data breaches. Too many data breaches occur because of a lack of focus across the spectrum of possible threats or attack vectors. This session will focus on the cyber crime eco system, the different elements that make up the “Kill Chain” and the steps that an enterprise can take to break the chain and minimize the chances of a data breach.
On Demand
The Evolving Data Center Requirements for Firewalls and Network Security
Data Centers have unique Network and Security requirements compared to the enterprise campus, and are further being driven by key initiatives such as Cloud and Big data. In this Q&A webinar, Gartner Research VP Greg Young and Fortinet discuss the evolution of data center networks for enterprises and service providers, and how that is driving increased performance and other demands for Network Firewalls, as well as what the data center of tomorrow will have in store.
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A 3 Step Approach to Increasing Enterprise Security By Inspecting SSL
With online privacy concerns growing, along with a corresponding growth in “default encryption” by cloud-based applications and services, more and more enterprise traffic is going uninspected. Yet, at last check, Gartner Research indicated that “less than 20% of organizations with a firewall, an intrusion prevention system (IPS) or a unified threat management (UTM) appliance decrypt inbound or outbound SSL traffic.” And they declared that security leaders must address this risk.
On Demand
Defending Against Advanced Healthcare Breaches
Healthcare organizations are key targets for sophisticated data breaches. How can you improve defenses?
On Demand
Evaluating NGFWs: Is the Security Worth the Performance Slowdown
Next Gen Firewalls offer a host of great security capabilities and new services are constantly being added to the mix. This is great because it means you can keep adding more layers of protection to combat the constantly increasing threat landscape. But what do you do when your throughput performance slows to a crawl? How do you measure security effectiveness against throughput performance? Get a review of how NGFWs are evaluated for performance and security effectiveness with an overview of the recent NSS Labs NGFW annual test results.
On Demand
The 3 Most Important Aspects of Perimeter Security and Identity
As application access from within the corporate network give way to more fragmented apps in the cloud, with access via mobile devices, your traditional security perimeter of firewall, VPN, and LAN requires a new model where identity protects beyond the security perimeter.
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How NGFW Visibility Ensures a Secure & Resilient Network
Knowing which applications, users, threats and devices are traversing your network is critical when implementing NGFW firewall controls. Find out how network visibility is often underutilized when creating security policies and how asking the right questions now can prevent headaches in the future.
On Demand
Five Key Insights for Effectively Securing Your AWS Cloud
This webinar with experts from Fortinet discusses five key things that IT networking or security professionals should know to better secure their enterprise workloads and data in the AWS environment. Practical demonstrations of deploying and orchestrating network security and security management in AWS will be illustrated using Fortinet solutions available on the AWS Marketplace.
On Demand
Top 5 Ways to Improve Protection from Advanced Threats
Among other things, this webcast will discuss the top 5 ways organizations can improve their security posture in light of advanced threats. And we’ll share the 5 times faster next generation performance of Fortinet’s FortiGate next generation firewalls.
On Demand
How to increase revenue with WiFi & Retail Presence Analytics
Koroush Safar, Senior Director of Product Management at Fortinet demonstrates how your retail organization can leverage Fortinet’s Secure Wireless LAN technology and Presence Analytics platform to better understand customer behavior, engage more closely with customers and influence their purchasing decisions to ultimately increase your revenue.
On Demand
Essential Security Trends, Predictions and Recommendations from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs
With a continued stream of high profile data breaches as a result of Cyber attacks throughout the first half of 2014, Fortinet’s midyear threat report from FortiGuard Labs shines a light on the latest trends that enterprise security professionals need to know.
On Demand
Top 5 Ways FortiGuard Labs and the New FortiOS 5.2 Help Combat APTs
With breaches related to advanced malware routinely making the headlines, enterprises are looking at increasing security protections to reduce the risk of it happening to them.
On Demand
SDN & Security for Next-Generation Data Centers
In this webinar, experts from Gartner and Fortinet discuss the rise of software-defined networking (SDN) and its impact on the data center and network security.
On Demand
Top 5 Requirements for Today’s NGFW
Peer Perspective: Top Drivers, Requirements and Selection Criteria for NGFWs
On Demand
Frost & Sullivan Discuss Social Media Risks and How to Mitigate Them
Chris Rodriguez, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan and Matt De Vincentis, Product Marketing Manager at Fortinet discuss the risks of social media in the workplace. View the webinar to learn the top 5 ways to mitigate social media risks using Fortinet’s consolidated security technology.
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How to Build a High-performance, Secure Application Delivery Network
In this webinar you’ll learn why you need to start with security first in building your Application Delivery Network (ADN) to ensure your applications are not only available to your users, but are also safe from the latest application threats
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Top Strategies for Ensuring Network Privacy in the Cloud
Challenges with visibility, protection and compliance can arise as Network traffic becomes abstracted and the Data Center becomes agile and dynamic. In the first of a continuing series on Cloud Security, this webcast explores Network Firewall and Segmentation Strategies for Virtual and Cloud environments
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NSS Labs Discusses Breach Detection Systems Test Results
Join Mike Spanbauer, Managing Director of Research, NSS Labs, and David Finger, Director of Product Marketing at Fortinet and learn why independent testing is essential, how NSS Labs went about establishing a real-world test methodology, how the actual testing is conducted, what NSS Labs observed, and their final results/guidance and how Fortinet’s FortiSandbox performed in the NSS Labs testing and why.
On Demand
High Performance Wireless with High Performance Security – 802.11ac
Join us for this webcast as we explore the new IEEE 802.11ac Gigabit WiFi protocol.
On Demand
Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection Framework: A Cohesive Lifecycle Approach
“Sandboxes” or “breach detection systems”- virtual environments to analyze code for attacks that may have slipped through established defenses- are all the rage.
On Demand
How Application Visibility Can Impact Your Enterprise
Understanding the types of application traffic that traverse your network is critical to formulating effective security and corporate acceptable use policies. Learn how FortiAnalyzer can augment your enterprise NGFW deployment by visualizing the utilization of traditional and HTTP-based applications.
On Demand
The Need for a Secure Wireless LAN in Education
Join Neil Sundstrom, VP Wireless Solutions and Jim Brausen, Director Education, as they explore how Fortinet’s Secure Wireless LAN solution can support your BYOD and mobility needs.
On Demand
Beyond the Hype. Real-world Testing of APT Solutions
Since the release of its first Beach Detection Systems comparative group test- with its surprising recommendations, cautions and “no-shows”- there has been quite a bit of self-promotion and consternation from the vendor community..
On Demand
PCI, Segmentation, and Data Breaches
Data segmentation is an essential part of achieving PCI Compliance, yet many distributed enterprise networks fail to perform even basic isolation of regulated data and systems.
On Demand
Is Your Data Center Ready for Today’s DDoS Threats?
In this webinar from Fortinet you’ll learn the basics of a DDoS Attack, methods to mitigate them, and why a hardware-based DDoS Attack Mitigation Appliance is the best option for protecting your Data Center from the latest DDoS threats.
On Demand
Extending Your NGFW with SSL Inspection
In this webcast, one of three, we will explore the first requirement - SSL inspection. Specifically, why Gartner believes security leaders must address threats from rising SSL traffic, the people, process and technology issues involved and exactly how Fortinet helps enterprises tackle this challenge.
On Demand
Connected UTM: Optimizing Your SMB Network
This complexity is from adding stand-alone technologies over time to meet new threats or satisfy new business requirements. We'll be discussing how Fortinet¹s Connected UTM solution allows you to consolidate and simplify your network while increasing protection and performance.
On Demand
Stopping Advanced Targeted Attacks: Do I really need a whole new security infrastructure and staff?
Many breach reports - Verizon in the U.S., PwC for the UK government, Ponemon for Japan – echo similar advisements that “organizations of all sizes are being successfully penetrated and indeed compromised for months at a time.
On Demand
The Target Data Breach: What We Can All Learn From It?
There is rarely a crystal clear picture, nor a set of practices guaranteed to stop data breach like Target and other ones. But there are always lessons to be learned and decisions to be made about managing risk vs. cost.
On Demand
Connected UTM – Integrated Network Security and Access Webcast
Watch this webcast and learn how to protect against Advanced Threats even with scarce IT resources, while reducing the complexity and cost of your legacy security systems.
On Demand
Fast, Secure, Cost-Effective: How to Protect Tomorrow's Data Center Network
Stan Gibson, Sr Managing Editor and Patrick Bedwell, VP of Product Marketing at Fortinet, discuss the challenges organizations face in trying to protect their data centers in the face of ever-increasing network speeds and a more sophisticated threat landscape.
On Demand
Extend your FortiGate to Address APTs
FortiSandbox is an Advanced Threat Protection Appliance designed to identify and help customers thwart the highly targeted and tailored attacks that increasingly bypass traditional defenses and lurk within networks. Offering a unique dual-level Sandbox, inspection of all protocols in one appliance and optional integration with your existing FortiGate infrastructure, FortiSandbox delivers highly effective protection against this emerging class of threats that is affordable to buy and simple to deploy and manage.
On Demand
Top 5 New Innovations and Best Practices in UTM
Top 5 New Innovations and Best Practices in UTM - looks at the latest engineering and threat research as well as the current technology advancements that ensure your company’s defenses keep your business-critical networks, applications and data safe.
On Demand
Security Threat Predictions: What You Can Expect In 2013
FortiGuard Labs, one of the leading cyber-security research organizations in the world, has released a list of the top 6 threat predictions for 2013.
On Demand
Measuring Security ROI
Understanding the IANS Approach to Measuring Security ROI
On Demand
Securing the Mid Enterprise
Your organization faces the same security threats and IT challenges as larger organizations, but you often lack the resources to stay abreast of the latest attack techniques and countermeasures. At the same time, you’re under pressure to simplify your network and lower your operations costs.
On Demand
FortiOS 5: The World's Most Advanced Network Security Operating System
An overview of new features and benefits to the industry's most advanced security operating system. Specific details on how FortiOS provides protection against advanced threats, helps you secure your network in a BYOD world and how you smart policy creation can help increase the efficiencies of your security operations.
On Demand
Securing Today's Network with Unified Threat Management (UTM) - Webcast Featuring IDC
IDC forecasts the UTM space as one of the fastest grouping segments of the security industry. More and more, customers like you are selecting multifunction appliances to secure their networks because of the flexibility allowed by having several different security capabilities on one single appliance. Innovation in the traditional firewall market is slowing down and your complex needs demand more.
On Demand
Network Security Risks Today's Organizations Face
Join Gartner, Fortinet and The Wet Seal in an on-demand video presentation discussing next generation firewalls, application control and the need for securing the entire corporate network.
On Demand
Breaking Point Webinar: Harden Defenses Against Cyber Attacks Through Content-Aware Testing
Join Fortinet and BreakingPoint to learn how military and intelligence organizations are conducting competitive device bake-offs using a six-step methodology and implementing a deterministic measurement of performance, security, and stability of networks to conduct pre-deployment testing and select the best devices for their unique networks.
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