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Fortinet's 2012 Top Threat Predictions
On Demand

Stuxnet, Anonymous, Zeus, Botnet… there’s a good chance you have heard about those major threats and you may wonder about what's coming up for 2012. Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs have made eight threat predictions for the next twelve months.
Top Network Security Threats and How to Protect Yourself Against Them
On Demand

The 451 Group's Andrew Hay, senior security analyst, and Fortinet's Patrick Bedwell, Vice President of Product Marketing, discuss the top network security risks and how you can properly protect yourself and your corporate network in the "Top Network Security Threats and How to Protect Yourself Against Them" webinar.
Keeping APTs In The Box: Driving The Need For Consolidated Security
On Demand

Graeme Nash, Fortinet’s Director of strategic solutions at Fortinet review Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
Best Security Practices For Enterprise 2.0
On Demand

New technologies and applications, like Web 2.0, cloud computing and mobile devices, have shaped a new IT environment for the enterprise and, the necessary evolution of security.
PCI Compliance: Preserving Trust In Card Transactions. Reducing Risk In Implementation
On Demand

Find out more about the risks and challenges financial institutions, retailers and service providers handling credit cardholder data constrained by cost and skilled resources face to become PCI compliant.
Controlling Web 2.0 Applications: The Need For Complete Content Protection
On Demand

Find out how businesses can deploy new methods of monitoring and controlling new Web 2.0 applications to mitigate hidden security threats.
Myth Or Reality: NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) Is A Subset Of UTM
On Demand

Fortinet’s Patrick Bedwell seperated the myth from the reality about Unified Threat Management and Next Generation Firewalls.
Mobile Malware Into Practice
On Demand

Whether you have encountered viruses on your mobile device or not, the threat of malicious software can have severe implications for subscribers and businesses alike. View this on-demand webinar to learn more about this rapidly evolving threat vector, the symptoms of its presence on mobile devices, and how to defend your network against it.

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Most manufacturers were able to offer two out of our three desired security functions but Fortinet was the only vendor with the capability to provide all three in a single security solution, while meeting our high expectations in terms of performance and cost effectiveness. On top of providing first-class security, the flexibility of the FortiGate systems allows our security solution to evolve on a per-region basis, as and when required. Moving forward, Fortinet's integrated approach means that other security functions such as SSL VPN, firewall and traffic shaping can be switched as per a country's individual requirements. As a fast-growing acquisitive company, this made for a very compelling proposition.

Kevin Braim
Group IT Services Director