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FortiOS 5 Network Security Operating System

More Protection, Control, and Intelligence for the World’s Most Advanced Network Security Operating System

FortiOS is a security-hardened, purpose-built Operating System that is the foundation of all FortiGate® network security platforms. It can be used across your large or small enterprise infrastructure. Building on Fortinet’s history of innovation, the release of FortiOS 5 included over 150 standard features, as well as new enhancements to help fight advanced threats, simplify FortiGate configurations and deployments and enhance security threat reporting and management. The forthcoming release of FortiOS 5.2 includes significant new and enhanced capabilities that continue to increase the level of protection, control and visibility provided. Review the highlights of the new release FortiOS 5.2. To register for the release candidate visit our beta site.

More Protection - Advanced Threat Protection for Fighting Advanced Persistent Threats

FortiOS 5 includes a new, advanced anti-modern malware detection system for identifying and mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats. Together with superior, industry-validated AV signatures, FortiOS 5 delivers a multi-layered approach to dealing with today’s most dangerous security threats, including:

  • FortiGuard Antivirus Engine, which identifies standard AV threats, and also uses advanced heuristics and sandboxing to determine malicious behavior
  • FortiGuard Analytics, which identifies zero-day wares for further analysis in the cloud
  • FortiGuard Botnet Database, which contains up-to-date information about IP reputations and prevents remote command and control communications
  • Fortinet Web Filtering, which uses URL matching and advanced DNS-based web filters to identify potentially harmful websites

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More Control – Feature Select for Simplifying Configurations and Deployments

With FortiOS 5 Feature Select, enterprises can quickly and easily configure their FortiGate appliances based on their unique business and security requirements. These preset configurations are enabled with a single button click at the time of system setup or at any time during the system’s deployment. Configuration options include:

  • FW - includes high-speed Firewall and VPN
  • NGFW - includes Firewall, intrusion prevention and application control
  • ATP - includes advanced threat protection and endpoint control
  • WF - includes Web filtering and explicit proxy
  • NGFW + ATP - includes NGFW and ATP features
  • UTM - includes all previously mentioned features plus email filtering, data loss prevention, vulnerability scanning

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More Intelligence – Contextual Visibility for Enhanced Security Reporting and Management

FortiOS 5 delivers deeper insights into historic or real-time network activities using detailed analytics. Data that can be extracted includes IP and Port, geographical IP, session type, user names, network usage, network coverage and the types of applications and devices that are connecting to the network. With this, administrators can use correlated data to identify top clients associated with particular threats and further isolate suspicious Websites and IP addresses.

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FortiOS: An Overview

FortiOS is a security-hardened, purpose-built operating system that is the foundation of all FortiGate® platforms. FortiOS 5 software leverages the hardware acceleration provided by custom FortiASIC™ processors, delivering the most comprehensive suite of IPv6-ready security and networking services available within a single device.

Complete Security
Fortinet designed and built FortiOS 5 to deliver the advanced protection and performance that standalone products simply cannot match. The services work together as a system to provide better visibility and mitigation of the latest network and application threats, stopping attacks before damage can occur.

Unmatched Performance
FortiOS 5 enables high performance, ultra low latency multi-threat security by leveraging the hardware acceleration provided by purpose-built FortiASIC processors. This combination of custom hardware and software gives you the best security and performance possible from a single device.

Unique Visibility and Control
Advanced security features such as Flow-based Inspection and Integrated Wireless Controller capability allow you to monitor and protect your network from endpoints to the core, and from remote offices to headquarters, for wired and wireless traffic. FortiOS allows greater traffic visibility and more consistent, granular control over users, applications and sensitive data.

Increased Simplicity
FortiOS 5 lowers costs and reduces IT staff workloads. Physical or virtual FortiGate appliances give you the flexibility to match your security to your environment while enforcing a uniform security policy. Single pane of glass management and centralized analysis ensure consistent policy creation and enforcement while minimizing deployment and configuration challenges.

Securing Mobile Devices
FortiOS 5 helps secure mobile device and BYOD environments (including iOS®, Android® and Windows® clients) by identifying devices and applying specific access policies as well as security profiles, according to the device type or device group, location, and usage.

Client Reputation
Signature-based security alone is not enough anymore; it is now critical to understand how devices on your network are behaving. Client Reputation provides a cumulative security ranking of each client device on your network based on a range of behaviors. It provides specific, actionable information that help identify compromised systems and potential zero-day attacks in real time.

Smart Policies
FortiOS 5 enables intelligent, automatic adjustment of role-based policies for users and guests based on location, data, and application profile. Enhanced reporting and analysis provides deeper insights into the behavior of your network, users, devices, applications and threats.

Key FortiOS Features

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Client Reputation Analysis
  • Feature Select
  • Contextual Visibility
  • Extended Single Sign-On
  • On-Device Sandbox
  • Cloud-Based Sandbox
  • Per-Device Security Policies
  • Secure Guest Access
  • Enterprise-class Firewall
  • VPN - IPSec and SSL
  • SSL-encrypted Traffic Inspection
  • Antivirus / Antispyware
  • Antispam
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Flow-based Inspection Options
  • Web Filtering
  • Application Control
  • Endpoint Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Monitoring, Logging and Reporting
  • WAN Optimization
  • Wireless Controller
  • VoIP Security
  • Central Management
  • Virtual Domains
  • High Availability
  • Layer 2/3 Routing Services
  • FortiGuard Security Updates
  • IPv6-Ready

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With the superior performance of the Fortinet FortiGate security appliances, we can provide our enterprise customers with broad protection, consolidated for ease of management and maintenance. Additionally, Fortinet's appliances support 3G/3.5G wireless network connections, which will enable more flexibility and scalability for enterprises

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