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Cloud & SDN

Scale-Up and Scale-Out for Elastic Data Centers

Virtualization and cloud computing are bringing agility and elasticity to consolidated data centers, making visibility an issue for traditionally static security solutions. Software-defined networking (SDN) is now starting to bring the same agility to the networking layer, but the abstraction of logical overlays and dynamic flows further compounds the challenge of ensuring that network traffic is properly inspected and enforced.

Fortinet’s comprehensive cloud and SDN solutions features virtual security appliances that are tightly integrated with leading cloud and SDN platforms. By offering seamless orchestration with cloud management and SDN controllers, Fortinet ensures a consistent security posture and uniform view across physical and virtual infrastructure, and across clouds and software-defined environments.

Advanced Platform Security for Hypervisors

From virtualized appliances to a fully integrated VMX solution, Fortinet’s virtualized security solution provides on-demand scaling, auto-provisioning and visibility to inspect virtual switch traffic. With support for all leading hypervisors, FortiGate VM complements our physical appliances to provide a solution for the complete network core and data center environment. Virtual Domain (VDOM) and VLAN support enable fine-grained network segmentation of the data center core across both the physical and virtual network, with less management complexity.

With over a dozen different security virtual appliances available, we enable customers to seamlessly deploy a broad array of security technologies in these highly dynamic, elastic on-demand environments.

Workload Security Built for the Cloud

Enterprises are extending infrastructure into the cloud, but with that comes a new challenge - to provide consistent security across internal networks, private clouds and public clouds. Whether in public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and HP Helion OpenStack, or at managed private clouds from partners like AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink, Fortinet’s end-to-end solution can provide enforcement beyond internal data center boundaries by deploying network security through virtual appliances to multi-tenant public cloud environments.

FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer provide a single pane of glass for security policy to multiple FortiGate physical and virtual appliances both on-premise and in hosted cloud environments, ensuring a consistent security policy regardless of physical location and infrastructure.

Orchestration with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Purpose-built FortiGate SDN security -- for VMware vSphere, vCloud and NSX distributed environments -- provides greater visibility and tighter control of virtualized network traffic in dynamic VMware-based cloud platforms. Deeper hypervisor integration with FortiGate virtual appliances ensure all virtual switch traffic is properly segmented and enforced, while management and control plane orchestration automates provisioning and eliminates compliance gaps. With VMware NSX SDK integration, Fortinet can support further network abstraction, topology mapping and policy mapping for highly elastic workloads.


  • Support for leading hypervisor and cloud platforms
  • Cloud-ready multi-tenant support and virtual domain support for network segmentation
  • Extensible management interface – API’s for automation and orchestration with cloud and SDN platforms
  • Single-pane-of-glass management for consistent policy across private and public clouds
  • Single security platform delivers new style of IT services
  • Unmatched flexibility of deployment with appliance, chassis-based, and virtual machine options for enterprise data center upgrades

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With a network like ours and the demands that are placed on it, there is no room for second-best security. Fortinet delivers high-performance enterprise firewalling that enables us to drop malicious traffic and allow legitimate traffic in so the business can keep running.

Mark Graff
Global Chief Information Security Officer