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Cloud & SDN

Scale-Up and Scale-Out for Elastic Data Centers

Securing Virtual Environments
The data center has been undergoing dramatic change with x86 server virtualization, leading to more virtual machines than physical servers in many consolidated data centers. FortiGate-VM virtual appliances provide scale-out performance and flexibility to inspect east-west virtual switch traffic without leaving the host server. Support for leading hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Xen enables FortiGate-VM virtual appliances to complement FortiGate physical appliances protecting north-south traffic at the network core or data center edge.

Virtual Domain (VDOM) and VLAN support enable fine-grained network segmentation of the data center core across both the physical and virtual network, with less management complexity.

Agile Security for Software-Defined Networks and Data Centers
With the advent of software-defined networking (SDN), the network is poised to become virtualized and transformed with the same agility that x86 virtualization has brought to the server infrastructure. With extensible management API’s and platform and compatibility with leading hypervisors and orchestration platforms, Fortinet security can be deployed and managed in next-generation software-defined data centers.

Orchestration with VMware Software-Defined Data Center Purpose-built FortiGate SDN security for VMware vSphere, vCloud and NSX environments provide greater visibility and tighter control of virtualized network traffic in dynamic VMware-based private clouds. Deep hypervisor integration with FortiGate virtual appliances ensure all virtual switch traffic is properly segmented and enforced, while management and control plane orchestration automates provisioning and eliminates compliance gaps for highly elastic workloads.

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Network Security for AWS Environments

More and more enterprises are turning to Amazon Web Services to extend their internal data centers into to the public cloud and make their server infrastructure more elastic. Fortinet virtual appliances enable critical firewall, intrusion prevention, and web application security for AWS instances in the public cloud where hardware solutions cannot be deployed. AWS users can leverage the same Fortinet enterprise-class network security controls in AWS as they deploy in the internal data center or private cloud.

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AWS Marketplace integration provide further agile cloud benefits of on-demand orchestration and delivery; utility-based consumption with hourly and annual pricing options; and integrated metering, billing and licensing.

Orchestrating Security On-Demand
Many Fortinet solutions can be deployed through the AWS Marketplace with a bring-your-own-licensing (BYOL) model, meaning the license must be procured through a traditional Fortinet channel. Now, FortiGate and FortiWeb virtual appliances have integrated licensing, metering, and billing with the AWS Marketplace, meaning they can be seamlessly purchased and deployed from the AWS Marketplace with no separate procurement steps.

What this means is that AWS users can now use Fortinet security on-demand and immediately in the same manner they use AWS EC2 or S3, including consuming infrastructure on a utility-basis – e.g. paying by the hour. Alternatively, annual pricing is also available for those who still want on-demand protection with no long-term contracts, but need to plan budgets and spend on an annual cycle.

Get FortiGate on AWS
Quickly provision a FortiGate Next Generation Firewall with utility-based pricing. FortiGate on AWS provides the same network protection common to hardware-based FortiGate appliances but within an elastic cloud environment for added flexibility.

Get FortiWeb on AWS
Get up and running instantly with the FortiWeb application firewall leveraging utility-based pricing. FortiWeb deployed as an AWS instance protects web-based applications from external threats such as DoS attacks and cross-site scripting attacks with an accomodating pay as you go model.

Extend and Manage Protection in the Hybrid Cloud
As enterprises extend their server infrastructure to the cloud, it becomes challenging to provide consistent security across private clouds and public clouds. Whether at Amazon Web Services or at telco or cloud service provider partners like AT&T, Verizon, and Centurylink, FortiGate-VM can provide enforcement beyond internal data center boundaries by deploying network security through virtual appliances to multi-tenant public cloud environments where hardware cannot be deployed.

FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer provide a single pane of glass for security policy to multiple FortiGate physical and virtual appliances both on-premise and in hosted cloud environments, ensuring a consistent security policy regardless of physical location and infrastructure. Fortinet’s cloud-ready management solutions can themselves be deployed as virtual appliances, delivering security management as scalable SaaS services in the cloud.


  • High performance, high capacity, and ultra-low latency
  • Cloud-ready multi-tenant support and virtual domain support for network segmentation
  • Extensible management interface – API’s for automation and orchestration with cloud and SDN platforms
  • Single-pane-of-glass management for consistent policy across private and public clouds
  • Single security platform delivers all needed data center services
  • Unmatched flexibility of deployment with appliance, chassis-based, and virtual machine options for enterprise data center upgrades

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With a network like ours and the demands that are placed on it, there is no room for second-best security. Fortinet delivers high-performance enterprise firewalling that enables us to drop malicious traffic and allow legitimate traffic in so the business can keep running.

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