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Solutions for Retail

Connect and Secure Distributed Retail Locations

Retailers understand the need to deploy more in-store technology like Wireless Point-of-Sale (POS), Guest Wi-Fi, and location based Retail Presence Analytics, just to remain competitive in the market. Fortinet’s solutions enable these technologies to be securely connected, while protecting the network from the latest Advanced Threats and ensuring strict compliance to PCI DSS.

Our entry-level FortiGate Network Security Appliances deliver a comprehensive set of security functions to protect the Retail network, including Firewall, Anti-malware, Application Control, IPS and more. With the integration of high-density switch ports and a Wireless LAN controller, the FortiGate entry-level appliances deliver a truly unified and easy to manage network security infrastructure.

In addition to the proven threat protection of the FortiGate entry-level appliances, Fortinet offers a range of integrated solutions to provide even more functionality to the retail network, including Secure Access Switches - FortiSwitch, Wireless Access Points - FortiAP, 3G/4G Wireless WAN Extenders - FortiExtender and Retail Presence Analytics - FortiPresence.

Fortinet Solutions for Retail

Solutions for Retail
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Data Center Firewall
  • Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW)
  • Next Gen Firewall (NGFW/NGIPS)
  • Public Cloud Computing
  • Secure Hybrid WAN
  • SDN & Network Virtualization
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN)
  • Connected UTM
  • Wi-Fi Presence Analytics Delivers Superior Customer Engagement

    Fortinet’s FortiPresence Analytics Solution empowers brick-and-mortar retailers to measure consumer behavior, connect to customers and influence them to make purchases. FortiPresence is a Cloud-based application that integrates with the existing in-store Wi-Fi infrastructure to deliver more than just numbers and reports. The unique combination of analytics with a sophisticated customer engagement engine, including social Wi-Fi, helps retailers to better engage with their customers to increase sales.

    Find out more about how Fortinet helps retail organizations in the Presence Analytics Solution Brief and how Bobbejaanland Family Park is using Presence Analytics to increase profitability.

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