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Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)

Purpose-build Technology for the Security Service Provider

Increasing awareness of the risks facing businesses, highly sophisticated and determined attackers, a severely limited security labor pool, and growing compliance enforcement are prompting businesses of all sizes to migrate risk out of their IT departments and into the hands of professionals.

These conditions are driving the growth of the managed security services industry with expectations of a $31B-plus global market by 2019. As the Managed Security Services market becomes more congested and competitive, service providers seek to differentiate themselves and adapt to a dynamic threat landscape.

Fortinet solutions empower Managed Security Service Providers with best-in-breed, adaptive security that fits any environment or security requirement—from small and medium businesses to enterprise, data center, and service provider networks.

With an ongoing investment in research and development, Fortinet continues to create integrated, industry-leading security solutions for most business requirements. This strategy helps MSSPs continue to grow and expand their service capabilities while leveraging a single security vendor.

Fortinet MSSPs leverage customizable management and reporting tools along with a growing suite of enhanced security products to increase recurring revenue streams and grow subscriber bases—all while controlling costs and improving service efficiencies.

  • MSSP specialized technology
  • Broad integrated security strategy
  • Centralized management & reporting
  • Actionable threat intelligence
  • Multi-tenant security assets
  • Specialized support

Fortinet views Managed Security Service Providers (be they pure-play MSSPs, network service providers, or systems integrators with managed security offerings) to be a strategically differentiated partner with special technology demands and support requirements.

For this reason, Fortinet staffs experienced professionals with backgrounds in managed security service provider operations, product development, and training who manage an industry-leading partner program. Fortinet does this while creating technologies designed to support multi-tenancy, centralized management, platform flexibility, and high-performance networks.

This not only helps MSSPs secure customer networks more effectively, it creates additional revenue streams, higher profit margins, and differentiation from the competition.

    Key Features and Benefits
  • Industry-leading MSSP partner program
  • Global support from dedicated MSSP teams
  • Enhanced technologies service development support
  • Best practices, customization, automation, and orchestration

With differentiation a continuing challenge for MSSPs in an increasingly competitive market place, Fortinet provides advanced, security-focused technologies and threat intelligence tailored to broaden the service portfolio of the advanced managed security service provider.

Fortinet’s industry-leading customization, manageability, and multi-tenancy, make us the perfect security vendor for competitive MSSPs looking to personalize their offerings and improve operational efficiencies. Our solutions provide a broad range of capabilities to secure most any environment or requirement—with highly flexible, high-performance security designed for low-touch deployment and service automation.

Enhanced technologies that snap into centralized management allow MSSPs to constantly evolve their offerings to meet the changing demands of a dynamic threat landscape. Fortinet’s unique hardware-accelerated platforms support more users behind each device, thereby allowing MSSPs to gain more monthly revenue on every device deployed.

    Key Features and Benefits
  • Native multi-tenancy
  • Customizable centralized management & reporting
  • Extreme performance and platform flexibility
  • Ongoing advanced technology research & development

Centralized management and reporting are core requirements for MSSPs that manage hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of customer locations at once. Fortinet solutions increase efficiencies and support advanced automation to dramatically reduce manual efforts and the consumption of an MSSP’s greatest asset—their people’s time.

FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer support single-pane-of-glass management to ensure uniform application of security policies across thousands of devices—with advanced customization and delegated administration for security teams supporting individual customers or customizable customer-facing portals.

Fortinet’s advanced centralized management platform enables efficiencies through APIs and toolkits for mass provisioning, automated deployment, and dynamic fully meshed networks, as well as a developer community service provider to personalize service offerings.

Fortinet’s specialized MSSP team is a major differentiator among security vendors—comprising over 40 years of experience in managed security service operations, product development, and training. These professionals allow Fortinet’s MSSP partners to quickly ramp- up new services, improve launch outcomes, and increase market share. We help partners with product development support demand generation, engineering expertise, and ROI models that allow them to gain the highest ARPU from each device under management.

Our MSSP team also manages an innovative MSSP Partner Program (supporting growth in this strategically differentiated service model) as well as the MSSP Center of Excellence—a repository of information and resources from technical to sales operational. Our engineering resources are schooled in MSS best practices, customization, and automation needs of providers who may be securing tens of thousands of customers at once.

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With a network like ours and the demands that are placed on it, there is no room for second-best security. Fortinet delivers high-performance enterprise firewalling that enables us to drop malicious traffic and allow legitimate traffic in so the business can keep running.

Mark Graff
Global Chief Information Security Officer