IPv6 Security Solution

Security for IPv6 Networks

    A major transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is under way as more network and content providers embrace IPv6. Organizations of all sizes need to understand their IPv6 preparation and preparedness for several reasons:
  • Some legacy security devices will never support IPv6 and will need to be replaced
  • Many security vendors have limited support for IPv6 today, leading to potential gaps in protection
  • IPv6 is likely in your network today, as many systems (such as Windows 7) natively support IPv6 and ship with IPv6 support enabled
As the amount of IPv6 traffic (and IPv6-based threats) increases in your network, it's essential that you deploy a network security solution that can deliver the same level of protection for IPv6 content as IPv4.

Unmatched Performance

Fortinet delivers hardware-accelerated IPv6 support. Independently verified by BreakingPoint, the FortiGate™-5000 series chassis-based devices, loaded with FortiGate-5101C blades, deliver over 500 Gbps of IPv6 protection. You can rely on FortiGate® devices to deliver high speed protection for IPv6 traffic as well as IPv4.

Industry Leader in IPv6 Security

Fortinet has been a leader in the network security industry with its early support of IPv6, achieving both IPv6-Ready and JITC certifications in 2008. We also earned USGv6 certification in 2011. Because of our commitment to two important customer segments, global telecommunications carriers and the US government, IPv6 compliance has always been a priority for us.

FortiOS Dual-Stack Architecture

FortiOS™, our purpose-built operating system for the FortiGate family of consolidated security appliances, delivers the same core network security technologies via IPv6 as it does via IPv4. To be able to support both IPv4 and IPv6, FortiOS implements a dual stack architecture that recognizes and separately routes both IPv4 and IPv6 to deliver maximum visibility, management, and control of your network.

Comprehensive Security Solution

FortiOS uses IPv6 firewall policies to provide UTM protection for IPv6 traffic. Anti-virus, web filtering, FortiGuard Web Filtering, email filtering, FortiGuard Email Filtering, data leak prevention (DLP), and VoIP protection features can be enabled in IPv6 firewall policies using normal FortiOS UTM profiles for each UTM feature. This protection is transparent to IPv6 Users.

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We think highly of the FortiGate appliances ability to provide various security functions within one appliance, rather than forcing us to implement specific security software one by one. In addition, we liked its clear fee structure for initial licensing based on an annual per store cost. The deployment of FortiGate appliances enabled us to share a huge amount of data in a secure manner. We plan to drive further development, including a management system to understand all aspects of our outlets, such as photo shooting status, the delivery of commercial messages to our customers to highlight our outlets and the delivery of streaming images to our employees as part of training. Furthermore, we will consider developing a dedicated store system tailored for digital photography, rather than use a common POS system for retail outlets modified for photo studios.

Koichi Inatani
Information Systems Department
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