Network Security Solutions for Your Business

Fortinet’s High Performance Network Security Platform is suitable for the Core (Firewall Segmentation), The Edge (Next Generation Firewall) and the Access (Unified Threat Management). The Network Operating Systems is flexible enough to allow deployment in Carriers’ Enterprises and Small Businesses.

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Whether you are a Internet operator, mobile network carrier or managed security service provider (MSSP), Fortinet offers a wealth of high performance, reliable and scalable solutions that enable smooth and secure transitions to next generation network architectures, while allowing providers to expand service portfolios and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Fortinet's matured and proven service provider solutions have been widely deployed in most of the world's 20 largest carriers and MSSPs. The ASIC-powered FortiGate offers unmatched performance and capacity while operating on feature-rich FortiOS or FortiCarrier. These are backed by best-in-class threat research and real-time security updates, offering airtight security without compromising performance.

Fortinet delivers a high performance network security platform for the enterprise core and edge which delivers the flexibility to deliver the right functions at the right places.

For trusted connections at the core of the network, Fortinet provides the world’s fastest firewall appliance with the highest speed ports (160 Gbps firewall throughput, QSFP+ interfaces) in a compact form factor.

For untrusted connections at the edge of the network, Fortinet offers 5x the next generation firewall performance and more security from our top rated threat prevention technologies and advanced threat protection technologies.

Our broad range of appliances, including those with high density ports and POE, and powerful FortiOS operating system serve as the optimal high performance network security platform for enterprise datacenter, campus, branch and distributed locations.

Fortinet's Connected UTM product line delivers compact, all-in-one appliances that provide the network security, connectivity and performance you need.

FortiGate and FortiWiFi devices integrate comprehensive enterprise-grade protection with a broad range of Wired, Wireless and POE (Power Over Ethernet) connectivity options.

Connected UTM enables you to replace stand-alone legacy products with a consolidated appliance that provides best-in-class performance and is easy to set up and manage centrally.

You can optimize your complex network to improve your security, simplify your infrastructure, and lower your TCO.