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Protect Clinical Data

The top ten reported breaches in 2015 represent 110 million compromised healthcare records. All of these breaches directly result from network servers or emails being hacked. With the healthcare industry clearly under attack, organizations now require a performance-rich, end-to-end, global cyber security network platform. Solutions must offer enhanced protection of sensitive information and support compliance standards like HIPAA and PCI.

  • Reliable, cost-effective, integrated network security to protect patient data
  • Centralized security management to ease burden of HIPAA, PCI
  • Secure transfer of large medical files via low-latency network
  • Enable new care delivery models – app prioritization, traffic optimization, device-level security

Fortinet’s FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) offers the highest performing security platform for IT infrastructure, while also providing the necessary access and control for a safe and secure clinical framework. Fortinet’s broad portfolio of solutions for healthcare can seamlessly extend network security to protect sensitive data and resources, comply with regulations, and enable secure care delivery.
The high risk of storing ePHI combined with the remote nature of evolving health IT means securing a diverse and distributed network is essential. Fortinet’s flagship FortiGate security appliances deliver ASIC-accelerated performance, integrating multiple layers of security to protect against application and network threats. These next generation firewalls (NGFWs) offer an ideal solution for hospital data center and clinical deployments. At the other end of the spectrum, Fortinet’s easy-to-use unified threat management (UTM) appliances and secure wireless access points can safely connect distributed offices to hospitals, insurers, and other providers—simply and cost-effectively.
Fortinet internal segmentation firewalls (ISFWs) are specially adapted for the performance needs inside a network, closer to the data center cores—providing intelligent segmentation and additional layers of security. As the name suggests, ISFWs segment key assets (such as medical devices or clinical databases) to dramatically improve visibility into possible attacks. They provide complete internal segregation of data and resources to both comply with regulatory requirements and to better meet the complex security needs of healthcare organizations.
Fortinet offers a complete advanced threat protection (ATP) framework, giving health IT a powerful, unified cyber security ecosystem to prevent, detect, and mitigate threats. Fortinet ATP solutions intuitively work together to protect health information and valuable intellectual property.

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“My doctors and colleagues are continually impressed with our ability to quickly address the latest security challenges using Fortinet.”

Erik Devine
Chief Security Officer
Riverside Healthcare