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As your business grows and volumes of data increase, it becomes increasingly important to make sure your security solution is not a bottleneck. This is especially true for any organization that needs to protect proprietary data while still maintaining extremely low latency. Speed is of the essence

Firewall technologies from Fortinet offer integrated, high-performance protection against today's wide range of threats targeting your applications, data, and users. In recent massive-scale, real-world testing, the FortiGate® 5140B achieved 500 Gbps+ of actual application traffic, making it the world's fastest firewall. The FortiGate easily handled 559 Gbps of UDP traffic and 526 Gbps of real-world traffic from applications such as Facebook™, Pandora™ radio and AOL Instant Messenger™. The FortiGate-5140B performed at speeds three times faster than any competitors' published results. Putting this performance in context, the FortiGate-5140B can inspect 10,000 iTunes™ songs every second or 36 Million songs per hour and 228,000 Web pages every second or 821 million pages per hour.

Fortinet’s High-performance firewall technology is available across the FortiGate family portfolio, enabled by a combination of Forti ASIC-accelerated stateful inspection processors, along with and an arsenal of integrated application security engines to quickly identify and block complex threats.

FortiGate high performance firewalls integrate with VPN technology, enabling organizations to establish secure communications and data privacy between multiple networks and hosts using IPSec and SSL VPN protocols. Both VPN services leverage custom FortiASIC™ Network Processors to accelerate encryption and decryption of network traffic. Conveniently, both SSL VPN and IPSec may operate simultaneously on the same FortiGate network security platform.

FortiGate firewall protection integrates with other key security features such as anti-virus, intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, anti-spam and traffic shaping to deliver multi-layered security that scales from small-medium business appliances to multi-gigabit data center platforms.

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We were very happy with the results our initial FortiGate appliance was giving us while acting as an antivirus solution that we decided to expand our use of Fortinet when we decided to switch to an MPL network provided by Verizon.

Rich Perri
Manager of Network Operations
PSC Info Group