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Today’s Federal Agencies are faced with a growing number of Network Security Threats from hacktivists, for-profit blackhats and hostile foreign governments. The malicious tools available to these attackers are simultaneously increasing in sophistication, with new Zero-day, Denial of Service and Botnet attacks rounding out their collective arsenals. Federal customers are looking for security solutions that can prevent these Advanced Attacks, accurately and at high speeds. At the same time, these solutions need to be certified and tested by independent third parties for proper validation.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Fortinet offers a wide range of products for federal customers designed to thwart attacks at every possible security juncture. FortiGate provides Next-Generation and Data Center Firewalling, FortiSandbox mitigates Zero-day attacks and FortiDDoS prevents DDoS outages. From an enterprise perspective, FortiManager ensures security policy consistency amongst Fortinet devices and FortiAnalyzer provides security visibility with enhanced analytics capabilities. All Fortinet products leverage industry-leading threat and application intelligence from FortiGuard Labs who provide content security updates from clustered, localized servers.

Recognized as a consistent leader by Gartner, Fortinet is also very active within the security testing community – consistently scoring high marks with NSS Labs, VB 100 and AV Comparatives. In addition, Fortinet has attained ICSA, FIPS and Common Criteria certifications and products are available for procurement through the GSA Schedule.

Fortinet Solutions for Federal Customers

Solutions for Federal
Government Certifications and Features
Community of Interest Protection (COIP) Provides distinct manageable physical and virtual separation of various trusted and untrusted enclaves or communities of interest, whether network or host based across broad multi-agency network architectures.
Insider Threat Prevention Systems -- (ITPS) Applies layered defense-in-depth security policy to all data - simultaneously protecting both "trusted from untrusted" and "trusted from trusted" enclaves from each other with Fortinet's multi-threat defense architecture. Supports Network and Host deployments.
Theater Operational Management Deploys enterprise wide security policy, providing automated personnel security privilege - moves, adds & changes. Dynamically mapped security associations, content security logging, reporting and management with change analysis for the Network Centric Warfare models.
FortiGuard Subscription Service Real Time FortiGuard IDP, IPS, Content Filtering, Antivirus and Anti-SPAM updates direct from Fortinet without the multi-vendor lag-time associated with piecemeal offerings
Dual Stack IPv4 & IPv6 Support Meets and exceeds U.S. US Federal Government Policy
US Federal NIAP Certification Support Common Criteria EAL4 Plus Certified
US Federal NIST Certification Support FIPS 140-2, Level 2 Certified
DoD Customer Certifications DISA UC APL Certified
NIST SCAP Validation Validated for Microsoft XP and VISTA, FDCC Scanner, Authenticated Configuration Scanner, Mis-configuration Database, Vulnerability Database, Authenticated Vulnerability and Patch Scanner

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