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Enterprise-Class Network Security

Fortinet appliances and virtual appliances enable you to secure your educational institution’s enterprise-class network without sacrificing the ease of access that students require for effective learning. Real-time scanning of email, IM, web and file transfer content blocks viruses, worms, web-based malware sites, phishing attacks, and access to inappropriate content. Fortinet web-filtering, which receives regular updates from the FortiGuard® CIPA-certified web-ratings database, helps schools and libraries maintain compliance with government regulations such as H.R.4577.

Unmatched Performance

FortiGate® next generation security devices and virtual appliances are purpose-built to provide essential security services for your network. They enable rapid deployment of essential security technologies to protect your enterprise-class educational network, along with the flexibility to scale with your growth plans as needed. FortiGate platforms offer a unique combination of FortiASIC™-accelerated performance and continuously updated threat intelligence from FortiGuard® Services, allowing Fortinet to deliver the fastest firewall available with the highest levels of network, content, and application security for educational institutions.

Single Pane of Glass Management

FortiManager™ and FortiAnalyzer™ centralized management and reporting appliances make it easy to secure thousands of desktops and laptops without stretching your IT budget or personnel. Extensive virtual domain and security zone capabilities enable your network administrators to craft policies specific to each department without sacrificing the performance of critical educational applications, or necessary access to internal and external resources.

Comprehensive Security Solution

The full family of Fortinet security solutions, including FortiClient™, FortiMail™, FortiDB™ and FortiWeb™, as well as virtual appliances further extend protection to all areas of your network.

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We think highly of the FortiGate appliances ability to provide various security functions within one appliance, rather than forcing us to implement specific security software one by one. In addition, we liked its clear fee structure for initial licensing based on an annual per store cost. The deployment of FortiGate appliances enabled us to share a huge amount of data in a secure manner. We plan to drive further development, including a management system to understand all aspects of our outlets, such as photo shooting status, the delivery of commercial messages to our customers to highlight our outlets and the delivery of streaming images to our employees as part of training. Furthermore, we will consider developing a dedicated store system tailored for digital photography, rather than use a common POS system for retail outlets modified for photo studios.

Koichi Inatani
Information Systems Department
Studio Alice's Operations Head Office