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Safe & Secure Digital Learning

As ever-increasing numbers of devices are brought to campuses by students, faculty and administrators, schools need to scale their networks for access while providing additional security to protect sensitive information, as well as to meet compliance standards like CIPA, FERPA, and COPPA. Educational institutions need the latest in network security and access technologies; however, limited budgets often force IT organizations to make hard choices between the two.

  • End­-to­-end consolidated network and wireless access security
  • Centralized security management for endpoints, firewall, wireless, and WAN connectivity
  • DDoS attack mitigation
  • Content filtering, caching, email security, and application control

With a FortiGate Firewall as a network’s security core, Fortinet protects and manages the IT infrastructure to provide the access and control for a safe and secure digital learning environment.

Schools can seamlessly extend network security with Fortinet’s authentication for BYOD controls, ultra-secure wireless access points, switches, and endpoint software—which can all be managed from a single-pane­of­glass console.

Fortinet offers a wide range of Education Solutions to address the toughest challenges educators face in the K­12 arena. With industry­leading high­performance UTM and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) products, combined with other technologies like wireless access points, two­factor authentication, and email security gateways, educators get the tools they need to deliver robust, reliable, and secure network access for students, faculty, and administrators.
Higher education campuses present additional challenges for network security and access. Students, faculty, and administrators need Internet access that is less restricted than K­12; however, these schools still need to provide bulletproof security for networks and data. Combined with FortiGate, Fortinet’s wireless solutions deliver the fastest bandwidth technologies available while providing robust and granular security services with controls that protect the network’s core.

Fortinet, the industry leader in Unified Threat Management and Next Generation Firewalls, offers many products and services in the United States that are eligible under the FCC’s E­Rate program, including wireless access points, UTM/NGFW, network switches, and caching.

For program details and to quickly find Fortinet’s approved E­Rate CAT 2 solutions, please visit our E­Rate information center


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Fortinet's consolidated approach to network security allows us to have a lower total cost of ownership; if we want more functionality we turn it on and we don't have to buy another appliance.

Aaron Hyre
Director of Technology Services
Abington Public Schools