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Connect and Secure All Aspects of Your Distributed Enterprise

Securing the separate physical locations of your Distributed Enterprise is challenging due to the wide range of business functions and systems that you need to protect. Remote employees, distributed locations, and corporate data centers have distinct security and access requirements that transcend any single security or networking product. Defending your distributed enterprise requires an ecosystem of products that integrate and operate together to secure and connect your distributed enterprise.

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Distributed Locations

Distributed Locations such as those found in retail, quick-service restaurants and healthcare, as well as energy, natural resources, transportation and the like, require security and connectivity for a wide variety of IT functions, including Wireless LAN, Switching and WAN access with some additional industry-specific requirements. This diverse range of requirements need more advanced security controls including Antimalware, Application Control, IPS, and Secure WLAN. Fortinet's Connect and Secure solution ensures essential access to systems while protectings against the latest cyberthreats with a range of high performance, multi-function network security appliance and connectivity devices; including FortiGate Physical and Virtual Appliances, FortiSwitch Secure Access switches, FortiAP Wireless Access Points and FortiExtender 3G/4G Wireless WAN Extenders. Fortinet provides all the components you need with the option of Rugged form factors, for deployment anywhere your business or critical infrastructure operates.

Aggregation of Distributed Locations

Distributed locations are typically aggregated back to regional or headquarters location via a range of WAN and VPN connections. Core security functions such as Firewall, Application Control and VPN termination take place at this level. Fortinet’s Network Security Platform appliances have the power and intelligence required to protect this demanding environment.

Access & Connectivity

As your enterprise extends access to employees and guests using tablets and other mobile devices, ensuring secure access is critical. Fortinet can ensure Secure Wireless, remote, and guest Access Control through rogue AP detection, Authentication, Secure Guest WiFi, Web Filtering, Rate Limiting and Load Balancing. Furthermore, providing secure network connectivity to kiosk systems, digital signage, automation systems and all other connected devices is simple with the broad range of Fortinet FortiGate appliances.

Management and Reporting

Given the widely distributed nature, the ability to quickly configure, modify, monitor and manage security and connectivity appliances from a single console is essential. Fortinet provides FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer Management and analysis physical and virtual appliances to help you manage your distributed environments and easily scale to thousands of distributed locations.


  • High switch port density built-in to Connected UTM appliance, including PoE
  • Broad range of wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Industry leading integration of Switching, Wireless LAN and 3G/4G connectivity
  • Rugged form factors to meet the requirements of deployment in extreme or hazardous locations
  • True single pane of glass management of security and network connectivity
  • Standardized enterprise, distributed location, and data center platform family
  • Meet compliance requirements with lowest possible TCO
  • Ability to scale to thousands of distributed locations

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