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Database Security

Secure Your Data

Database servers are the most important servers your company owns. They store all the most critical company assets include client details, financial information, human resource details, product designs and more - all the data that keeps your company in business and, as such, they need to be secure. According to one recent Forrester study, 80 percent of data security breaches involve insiders, employees or those with internal access to an organization, putting information at risk. The big challenge for companies today – particularly as email and the Internet make sharing and distributing corporate information easier than ever - is to strike the right balance between providing workers with appropriate access and protecting sensitive information as much as possible.

Intelligent Database Security

Fortinet database security and compliance products offer centrally-managed, enterprise-scale, database hardening; fast, comprehensive policy compliance; vulnerability assessment; and database monitoring and auditing for improved data security across the enterprise. Automatic database discovery finds all databases on the network, including those across subnet and WAN boundaries. 24 x 7 database activity monitoring and auditing captures all forms of database activity, from administrative events to user operations, to detect erroneous or malicious activity.

Accurate Audit Trail

Database auditing records all database activity for complete and accurate audit trails, with independent storage for additional security. Hundreds of pre-installed policies cover standard industry and government requirements and database security best practices, plus a comprehensive set of graphical reports, to deliver out-of-the-box readiness and immediate value. These reports include compliance reporting for important regulations such as PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA. Fortinet database security and compliance is available both in one of three FortiDB appliances and as software for a wide variety of enterprise operating systems.

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Our previous security vendor used a very complicated licensing model, which meant that the equipment became expensive for us to maintain, support and upgrade. Fortinet's FortiGate appliances have greatly simplified the way we deploy sophisticated security technologies for our clients and have streamlined our administration, while reducing our costs.

Wayne Springer
Sales Manager