Network Security, Enterprise and Data-Center Firewall

Cloud Enabled Security Management and Log Retention

Cloud based security management and log retention

FortiCloud is a hosted Security Management and Log Retention service for the FortiGate® product line. It gives you a centralized reporting, traffic analysis, configuration and log retention tool without the need for additional hardware and software.

Simplified management for your FortiGate network central

FortiCloud provides a central web-based management console to manage individual or aggregated FortiGate devices. Adding a device to the FortiCloud management subscription is straightforward and provides detailed Traffic and Application visibility across the whole network.

Hosted log retention with large default storage allocated

Log Retention is an integral part of any security and compliance program, but administering a separate storage system is burdensome. FortiCloud takes care of this automatically and stores the valuable log information in the cloud. Each device is allowed up to 200G of Log Retention storage. Different types of logs can be stored including Traffic, System Events, Web, Applications and Security Events.

Monitoring and alerting in real time

Network availability is critical to a good end user experience. FortiCloud allows you to monitor your FortiGate network in real time with different alerting mechanisms to pin-point potential issues. Alerting mechanisms can be delivered via email.

Customized or pre-configured reporting and analysis tools

Reporting and analysis are your eyes and ears into you network health and security. Pre-configured reports are available, as well as custom reports, which can be tailored to your specific reporting and compliance requirements. For example you may want to look closely at application usage or web site violations. The reports can emailed out as a PDF and can cover different time periods.

Maintain important configuration information uniformly

The correct configuration of the devices within your network is essential to maintaining an optimum performance and security posture. In addition, maintaining the correct firmware (operating system) level allows you to take advantage of the latest features.

Service Security

All communication (including log information) between the devices and the clouds is encrypted. Redundant data centers are always used to give the service its high availability. Operational Security measures have been put in place to make sure your data is secure only you can view or retrieve it.

To get started please activate your free 1GB FortiCloud service via your FortiGate® or FortiWiFi dashboard licensing widget. Remember to register your device before starting the activation process.


With our entire business being done online, it is paramount for us to protect our employees and data from external and internal threats while, at the same time, making sure that our network throughput is not impacted. We chose Fortinet's chassis-based security systems because they proved to offer superior performance and security functions, IPS in particular.

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