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Cloud Provider

Deliver No-Compromise, Multi-Layer Data Center Security for the Cloud

Fortinet’s Cloud Provider solution delivers a multi-layered security approach for virtualized and cloud environments—ranging from software in VM, hypervisor-integrated virtual appliances to utility-based, pay-as-you-go security service offerings.

Our industry-leading high-capacity firewalls deliver exceptional throughput and ultra-low latency to provide the necessary security, flexibility, scalability and manageability for an edge or core platform.

FortiGate virtual appliances and chassis-based devices enable customers to utilize the consistent, rich security policies across private/public cloud infrastructure—regardless of applications being hosted on- or off-premise. Fortinet enables fully integrated personalities (such as VPN, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control) that provide extensive protection profiles for in-depth defense with full agility and the flexibility promise of cloud.

FortiGate network security platforms (and accompanying management/reporting tools) exceed the performance and security requirements of even the most demanding data center environments. They deliver instant high performance, high capacity, and ultra-low latency with agile security policy across on-prem private, hybrid, and public cloud.

  • Multi-layered security for virtualized and cloud environments
  • High-capacity firewalls enable exceptional throughput with ultra-low latency
  • FortiGate delivers consistent, rich security policies for private/public cloud

With the advent of network virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN), the network is poised to become virtualized and transformed with the same agility that x86 virtualization has brought to the server infrastructure. With extensible management APIs and compatibility with leading hypervisors and orchestration platforms, Fortinet security can be deployed and managed in software-defined data centers.
Fortinet delivers utility-based billing and allows a BYOL (bring your own license) model to enable on-demand firewall security policy deployment. Automated VM monitoring, dynamic virtual extended address groups, and fully integrated API allow proactive monitor changes in public cloud instances—such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and HP Helion.

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Since deploying the FortiWifi appliances, we have enabled our employees to work more efficiently and have also given customers the benefit of working on their laptops in a secure and wireless environment. Fortinet has allowed us to dramatically improve customer service with the wireless network. Not only are customers able to be productive while getting a vehicle oil change, but the time to process the information for such service has gone from three to five minutes to three to five seconds.

Bryan Justice
Manager of Business Technology and Computer Services