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End-to-End Wireless LAN Security

Fortinet’s Secure WLAN is a comprehensive, flexible end-to-end wireless LAN security solution that incorporates wireless and wired access, security, authentication, switching and management to help you adjust to the new demands for speed and security being put on your enterprise network.

Flexible Deployment Options

You have the flexibility to choose between thick and thin access points (APs), managed by the integrated wireless controller in FortiGate network security platform, delivering comprehensive and proven threat protection. Fortinet's unique approach allows you to integrate security for your wired and wireless networks quickly and easily. You can manage all policies from a 'single pane of glass' management console, improving protection while simplifying your network.

Wireless Controller - FortiGate

The FortiGate network security platform acts as a wireless controller for FortiAP Thin Access Points, while providing firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, application control, web filtering and many other security and networking capabilities. There are FortiGate platforms to meet the requirements of any network, from small businesses to large enterprises and service providers.

Thin AP - FortiAP

FortiAP Thin Wireless Access Points are cost-effective IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11n “Thin” APs that provide integrated network security and WiFi client access. The range of FortiAPs includes models for indoor, outdoor and remote installation. The FortiAP series utilizes industry-leading wireless LAN technology, providing client access in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum, with 802.11ac models supporting a maximum association rate of up to 1,300 Mbps per radio. Learn more on Thin AP Products.

Thick AP - FortiWiFi

FortiWiFi Thick Access Points are a consolidated appliance that integrates wireless AP capabilities into the FortiGate network security platform, making it ideal for small and medium business, distributed enterprise or branch office deployments. Each FortiWiFi provides secure access to both the wired and wireless LAN, as well as various WAN connections, in a cost-effective device. Learn more on Thick AP Products.

Presence Analytics - FortiPresence

FortiPresence enables brick-and-mortar retailers to better understand customer behavior, including when they come into the store, how long they stay, and if they are a new or repeat customer. By combining statistical analytics with a sophisticated customer engagement engine, retailers are able to influence customers purchasing decisions to increase sales. Learn more on FortiPresence Analytics.

WLAN Planning Utility - FortiPlanner

FortiPlanner WLAN Planning Utility is a graphical wireless LAN planning and post-deployment site survey utility, designed to simplify WLAN planning and deployment of Fortinet FortiAP based wireless networks. Learn more on WLAN Planning Utility Tool.

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FortiPlanner Planning Utility

Download the FortiPlanner WLAN Planning Tool to assess and plan your secure Wi-Fi deployment designed specifically for your network.

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