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Centralized Security Management - FortiManager

FortiManager Security Management appliances allow you to centrally manage any number of Fortinet Network Security devices, from several to thousands, including FortiGate®, FortiWiFi™, and FortiCarrier™. Network administrators can better control their network by logically grouping devices into administrative domains (ADOMs), efficiently applying policies and distributing content security/firmware updates. FortiManager is one of several versatile Network Security Management Products that provide a diversity of deployment types, growth flexibility, advanced customization through APIs and simple licensing.


  • Provides easy centralized configuration, policy-based provisioning, update management and end-to-end network monitoring for your Fortinet installation
  • Manage up to 5,000 devices and virtual domains (VDOMs) from a single FortiManager interface
  • Segregate management of large deployments easily and securely by grouping devices and agents into geographic or functional administrative domains (ADOMs)
  • Reduce your management burden and operational costs with fast device and agent provisioning, detailed revision tracking, and thorough auditing capabilities
  • Easily manage complex mesh and star VPN environments while leveraging FortiManager as a local distribution point for software and policy updates
  • Seamless integration with FortiAnalyzer appliances provides in-depth discovery, analysis, prioritization and reporting of network security events
  • Quickly create and modify policies/objects with a consolidated, drag and drop enabled, in-view editor
  • Script and automate device provisioning, policy pushing, etc. with JSON APIs or build custom web portals with the XML API
  • Delineate and constrain management responsibilities by implementing role-based administration
  • Leverage powerful device profiles for mass provisioning and configuration of managed devices
  • Centrally control firmware upgrades and content security updates from FortiGuard Labs
  • Deploy with either a physical hardware appliance or virtual machine with multiple options to dynamically increase storage
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Fortinet's FortiGate-5000 Series products are true carrier-class security systems and perfectly meet our network security requirements. Not only can Fortinet's systems scale as our customer base grows, but they also give us the flexibility to add security services over time, as our needs expand.

Antonio Hernandez
Core Engineering Manager