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Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) - FortiGate 3000 Series

The FortiGate 3000 series of Data Center and Next Generation Firewalls delivers the highest performance on the market in a compact appliance form factor with up to 160 Gbps throughput and ultra-low latency. FortiGate 3000 series have high speed interfaces including 10GbE (SFP & SFP+) and 40GbE (QSFP) and high port density. Powered by FortiASIC NP6 procesors, they can be deployed with firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, and NGFW protection to fit a variety of edge and core data center personalities in physical, virtual, cloud and software-defined data centers.

Product Name
ASM slotsFMC slotsFSM slotsFirewall Throughput 1518 BytesFirewall Throughput 512 BytesFirewall Throughput 64 BytesFirewall Max Concurrent SessionFirewall New Sessions per secondIPS ThroughputIPSec Throughput 512 Byte PacketAntivirus Throughput (Proxy)Antivirus Throughput (Flow)Total Network InterfacesTotal Storage Capacity
5 20 - 120 Gbps20 - 120 Gbps20 - 120 Gbps20 M250 K20 Gbps8 - 50.5 Gbps4 Gbps15 Gbps2 x 10-GbE SFP+ and 4 x SFP FortiASIC-accelerated port, 2 x 10/100/1000 port256 GB
2007 - 55 Gbps7 - 55 Gbps6 - 54 Gbps2 M40 K4 Gbps1 Gbps / 23 Gbps500 Mbps950 Mbps8 x 10/100/1000 port, 2 x SFP FortiASIC-accelerated port
160 Gbps160 Gbps110 Gbps44 Million300,00023 Gbps100 Gbps7.5 Gbps18 Gbps28x 10GbE SFP+, 4x QSFP+, 2x 10/100/1000 RJ45960 GB (SSD 480GBx2)
000 12x SFP+ 10GbE, 16x SFP GbE, 2x RJ45 GbE64GB x2
40 Gbps40 Gbps40 Gbps10 Million200,0008 Gbps17 Gbps2.6 Gbps9 Gbps 12 SFP+ FortiASIC 10-Gig ports (2 SFP+ SR-type transceivers included) , 16 SFP FortiASIC ports, 2 10/100/1000 ports,64 GB
458 Gbps55 Gbps43 Gbps10 Million200,0008.4 Gbps22 Gbps2.3 Gbps5.7 Gbps 8 x 10-GbE SFP+ and 10 x SFP FortiASIC-accelerated port, 2 x 10-GbE FortiASIC-SP2 port, 2 x 10/100/1000 port64 GB (Max 256 GB)
440 Gbps40 Gbps40 Gbps10 Million200,0006 Gbps17 Gbps2.3 Gbps4.5 Gbps 8 x 10-GbE SFP+ and 10 x SFP FortiASIC-accelerated port, 2 x 10/100/1000 port64 GB (Max 256 GB)

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Fortinet Earns Coveted Third NSS Labs “Recommend” Rating in 2013 Next Generation Firewall Group Test

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Since deploying the FortiWifi appliances, we have enabled our employees to work more efficiently and have also given customers the benefit of working on their laptops in a secure and wireless environment. Fortinet has allowed us to dramatically improve customer service with the wireless network. Not only are customers able to be productive while getting a vehicle oil change, but the time to process the information for such service has gone from three to five minutes to three to five seconds.

Bryan Justice
Manager of Business Technology and Computer Services