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What's Next in Next-Gen Firewalls and Testing

High Performance Network Protection without Compromise

Watch this exclusive in-depth interview on Next Generation Firewalls with John Pescatore, Director Emerging Security Trends for SANS. Mr. Pescatore has a distinguished information security career spanning over 30 years, including Gartner and the US Secret Service.

The full interview is available for viewing only at the seminar.

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Advanced Targeted Attacks. Botnets. Hackers. Sophisticated Malware - your network is under constant siege from ever-increasing, multi-vector attacks. The decisions you make regarding security products have far-reaching impacts on your enterprise. Can you really rely on vendors' Next-Generation Security claims to ensure your network is battle-tested to withstand the latest attacks?

Watch what happens when Fortinet challenges the latest real-world applications and advanced attacks from Ixia BreakingPoint, and get actionable insights to not just guess, but KNOW, how they'll perform once they are put into your enterprise network and data centers. Join us for valuable insights on separating the fact from fiction behind next-generation security solutions and learn:

  • Why most vendor’s security products are falling behind network infrastructure performance
  • How to knowledgably evaluate NGFW performance and capacity
  • How to proactively test performance, capacity, and stability of infrastructure elements
  • How to protect your network against advanced targeted attacks (ATAs)
  • Test drive the FortiGate 3600 and Ixia BreakingPoint

11:30 – Lunch
12:00 – Welcome from Fortinet and Ixia
12:10 – Video with John Pescatore – What’s Next for Next-Gen Firewalls and Advanced Targeted Attacks
12:25 – Fortinet / Ixia Presentation
12:35 – Fortinet / Ixia Demo
1:00 – Q&A and Wrap-up

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Managing multiple restaurant locations nationwide, it was very important for us to select a network security solution that was cost-effective, easy to use and offered central management while ensuring Federal compliance regulations. The FortiGate product line is allowing us to offer enterprise-level network security to our restaurants as well as complying with government regulations such as PCI mandates.

Greg May
Chief Technology Officer