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Global Trade Compliance

Welcome and thank you for your interest in complying with U.S. export control laws.

When exporting, or re-exporting Fortinet products (hardware, software & technology), U.S. export controls apply and it is your responsibility to ascertain your compliance obligations.

Fortinet's policy is to comply fully with U.S. government and host country government laws and regulations. Under no circumstances will Fortinet sell or ship product contrary to U.S. export control regulations. Any person or entity exporting or re-exporting Fortinet products directly or indirectly and via any means, including electronic transfer, is wholly responsible for doing so in accordance with the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and the laws of host countries.

Please be aware there are U.S. embargoes, restricted parties, end-users and end-uses which you must assess prior to export, in conjunction with the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, and specifically encryption controls. Fortinet assumes no responsibility or liability for your failure to obtain any necessary export approvals. Approvals are dependent upon an item's technical characteristics, the destination, end use, and end user, as well as other activities of the end user. To request Fortinet product export classification information please click here. Additionally, keep in mind that U.S. export controls can remain in force as products and technology are re-exported to different parties and places around the world.

Why is Trade Compliance important?

Failing to comply with U.S. Export Control laws can have significant impacts on your business.

DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU - Real life investigations of export control and Anti-Boycott violations.

For an overview of U.S. export control laws and compliance factors, in addition to reviewing the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, additional information regarding dual-use controls, encryption regulations, export licensing and other important information is available at the Bureau of Industry & Security website:


If you are an end-user of Fortinet product, and Fortinet's Global Trade Compliance Department has requested you complete forms required to process your order, please click on the required forms below:


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