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The Fortinet Advantage

Complete Content Protection

The evolving threat landscape
Fortinet delivers complete content protection for today’s evolving networks. Over the last 10 to 15 years, threats have transformed from connection-based to content-based. Traditional security technologies have not kept up with this evolution and cannot tell the difference between malicious and legitimate content.

Threats can enter your network from common applications like email and web browsers as well as the latest social networking tools. Today’s threats require complete content protection, which is more than simply identifying applications and allowing or denying the traffic. It is application control coupled with identity-based policy enforcement of all content.

Our high-performance unified threat management solutions provide the visibility you need to detect hidden threats within legitimate content, even from trusted sources and authorized applications. This unmatched protection means you can allow new applications into your network, but automatically block any malicious content or behavior.

Market Leadership

Fortinet is the market leader in unified threat management, delivering purpose-built solutions that improve performance, increase protection, and reduce costs. We secure the customers' networks worldwide, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500. Many of the largest and most successful organizations and service providers in the world rely on Fortinet technology to protect their networks and data, including:
  • 8 of the top 10 Fortune companies in Americas
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune companies in EMEA
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune companies in APAC
  • 7 of the top 10 Fortune telecommunications companies
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune banking companies

Certified Protection

Rigorous 3rd party certifications validate the Fortinet approach to consolidated security
Fortinet is the only unified threat management vendor to earn certifications across all core security technologies. These independent certifications demonstrate our ability to consolidate multiple security technologies into a single device while still meeting the highest standards of performance and accuracy. Our certifications include:
  • 5 ICSA Labs security certifications
  • NSS UTM certification
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • 12 Virus Bulletin (VB) 100% awards
  • IPV6 certification for FortiOS 4.0
  • Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 Augmented (EAL 4+) for FortiOS 4.0
  • FIPS PUB 140-2
  • NEBS Level 3

Unmatched Performance

Fortinet’s Purpose-built architecture delivers very high throughput with exceptionally low latency
Fortinet’s purpose built hardware and software provide industry-leading performance for the most demanding networking environments. We developed our integrated architecture specifically to provide extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency. Our unique approach minimizes packet processing while accurately scanning the data for threats.

Custom FortiASIC™ processors deliver the power you need to detect malicious content at multi-Gigabit speeds. Other security technologies cannot protect against today’s wide range of content- and connection-based threats because they rely on general-purpose CPUs, causing a dangerous performance gap. FortiASIC processors provide the performance needed to block emerging threats, meet rigorous third-party certifications, and ensure that your network security solution does not become a network bottleneck.

Global Threat Research and Support

Our FortiGuard® Labs' global team of threat researchers continuously monitors the evolving threat landscape. The team of over 125 FortiGuard Labs researchers provides around the clock coverage to ensure your network stays protected. It delivers rapid product updates and detailed security knowledge, providing protection from new and emerging threats. Our FortiCare customer support organization provides global technical support for all Fortinet products, with support staff in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The Fortinet Advantage: Consolidated security technologies, Hardware-accelerated performance, and Global threat research and support

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FortiGate appliances allowed us to have our security grow with the needs of our network infrastructure, evolving from 200 Mbps to 1 Gbps performance over time. With Fortinet's firewall solution, we control what comes in and out of our data centers, and we have been able to include new applications in our service catalogue without jeopardizing the availability and security of our core systems.

Frank Santana
IT Architect