Network Security, Enterprise and Data-Center Firewall

Network Security, Enterprise and Data-Center Firewall

5 Approaches to Securing Data Center Networks

In this webinar we compare 5 different architectures to properly secure Next-Gen Data Centers, Cloud, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) environments.

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Secure your Hypervisor with FortiGate-VMX

More than 70% of all x86 architecture workloads are running on VMs on top of Hypervisors. Join us for a live webinar to learn about FortiGate-VMX use cases to secure all of your hypervisors and real-world agility traffic testing. -- May 27 2015 9:00AM

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High-Performance Network Security for Microsoft Azure

FortiGate Virtual Appliances provide organizations with the best-in-class firewall security that is fully optimized for the Microsoft Azure environment. The solution brings security elasticity along with CAPEX and OPEX savings in your cloud deployment. Find out about deployment options and cloud migration blueprint in Microsoft Azure.

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Secure Your Network with a Next Generation Firewall whiteboard video

Why do organizations deploy next generation firewalls? Once you decide you want a next generation firewall, how do you evaluate your options and choose which one is right for you? Get a quick overview in this short whiteboard talk.

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