Network Security, Enterprise and Data-Center Firewall

Network Security, Enterprise and Data-Center Firewall

Where to Deploy Your Sandbox

Today, organizations are looking at adding Sandboxing to their security infrastructure. There are many ways and places to deploy this powerful technology. Learn why integrating it with your Secure Email Gateway is one of the best

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Fortinet Firewall Validation

Can today’s Data Center Firewall appliances meet challenges and do vendors live up to their datasheet claims? Testing solution firm Spirent puts the FortiGate-3810D Firewall to the test by subjecting the unit’s 100GbE ports, first ever in a compact security appliance. Find out the results!

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Secure Your Hypervisor

Join this webinar to learn more about FortiGate-VMX use cases and how to secure your Hypervisor with a real-world agility traffic testing.
4/30/2015 @9AM

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FortiGuard Threat Research Broadening Scope for Internet of Things

Tucked deep in the Pacific Northwest, there is a global battle being fought. The battle is over the world’s data and no company is safe. But as Digital Strategy Director, Jonas Tichenor shows us, on the frontlines is a team of hackers and analysts detecting analyzing and stopping attacks, sometimes before they start!

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NGFW 101: What is it and why should you care?
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Life in a Blackhat World: Security Truth vs. Hollywood
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